Michael Phelps Is Good, But He Doesn’t Compare With Usain Bolt

MB MBSenior Analyst IAugust 20, 2008

WARNING: Before you post a comment read the entire the article.

The headline on cover of Sports Illustrated this week should be:

"The single parent mom of Michael Phelps had her kid swim because she was afraid for her 6'4" son to play basketball with black kids in Baltimore."

Michael Phelps winning eight gold medals and setting seven world records was an amazing feat that may never be matched again.

He will go down as one of the greatest Olympic athletes of all-time, for his performances in Athens and Beijing, and probobly London in 2012 when he adds to his total.

The problem I have is that what he's done is not the most impressive thing at this year’s Olympics.

Usain Bolt, who followed in the footsteps of Derice from "Cool Runnings" as a world-class Jamaican sprinter, has been far more impressive.

He won both the 100 and 200 meter dash, breaking the world record in both. The craziest part is he won the 100 while only training for it over the last few months. The guy is a freak and is a far superior athlete to Michael Phelps.

Sure Phelps won six more gold medals but here is the problem, Michael Phelps is a swimmer, which is not that impressive of a sport. I'm not saying because it’s an easy sport or that somebody doesn’t have to be an athlete to swim, but because the competition in swimming is like putting a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in the Huntington, West Virginia beauty pageant.

Swimming pools in America, where Phelps has dominated in the pool since he was 15, are made up of a bunch of soft kids whose parents made them swim because they know their kids wouldn't be as good in traditional sports like baseball, basketball, and football.

Those same parents, who belong to country clubs, drive their Mercedes’, and live life in the suburbs far away from "Ricky in Boyz in the Hood."

So while kids who are real athletes, spend their summers running around playing and competing in all different sports, the kid swimmer’s are swimming laps after laps, while dad is shooting a "92" with his $600 Ping g10 driver and Titleist Scottie Cameron putter, gold digging mom is flirting with the clubhouse pro.

So while Phelps is competing against guys who only know how to swim, Bolt is competing against the greatest athletes in the world.

Why is that?

Throwing out Chad Johnson’s "Liberty City Swim Team," there aren’t pools in the inner city. So blacks, who are the best athletes (as evident in the in the NBA, NFL, Track, and MLB before blacks stopped playing), generally live in America’s inner cities are eliminated from becoming swimmer’s because there are no pools and besides Terrance Howard and Bernie Mac in "Pride" are no swim coaches.

Even if there were beautiful pools, kids in the hood wouldn’t swim because their parents would teach them the sport is gayer than Kordell Stewart, Jennifer Aniston's brother in "The Break-Up", and John Amaechi combined.

I mean, really, when is the last time you looked at a swimmer and were like, "Damn, he would beat the crap out of me."?

Those same athletes that Bolt goes against, if trained to swim since they were kids, could easily be a college swimmer. Phelps, on the other hand, could train his whole life and no way could his goofy ass play a real college sport. Phelps could only play one sport, a real athlete could adapt to many.

As for the white families who are watching Bolt get guys in the 100 and 200 so viciously, parents better be telling their kids he is a stud and a freak and more impressive then Phelps instead of what you're probably saying, "Look at this cocky Jamaican, show some sportsmanship."

You know why white people are hating and saying Bolt is cocky? It’s because they are jealous the black guy in the Special Olympics gets them in the 100 with there pathetic time of 18.73. Trust me white people would be doing TO, Ocho Cinco, Mayweather, and Bolt celebrations if they could do what these guys could do.

Why don’t you watch Phelps every year? Or take your kids to see the local Division I college meet?

Oh I forgot it’s boring as hell and the world’s top athletes weren't competing in it.

So when "Billy" comes home this October in tears because he got cut from the junior high hoop team, don’t sign him up for the local swim team and tell him, "Son now you won’t have to compete against the black kids anymore."

Instead, tell him to stop being soft like a European soccer player, and work on a real sports team.

Just how white families move to the "hills" to get away from black people, they send the same message by shaving their kids bodies, putting them in a Speedo, and giving them a CapriSun after practice by having them swim so their kids won’t have to compete against the black kids.

Sure there are exceptions in life, there was a black swimmer for the USA team. Cullen Jones, who swam at North Carolina St. was on one of the relay teams with Phelps (he did almost blow gold for Phelps). So just like there is the occasional white running back in the NFL, there will be the occasional black swimmer.

So while all you went home and made sure you had your TiVo working so you wouldn’t miss one Phelps' race, you were doing yourself a disservice for not doing the same for Bolt.

We all know if Bolt was an American, NBC would be all oll over him like they are with Phelps, and everybody would be agreeing with me. But no, white people get sucked in once every four years to watch swimming and hope whomever NBC promotes, wins.