Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito: Roundtable Faceoff on HBO

Troy SparksColumnistOctober 19, 2010

GENERAL SANTOS, PHILIPPINES - MAY 15:  World welterweight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and wife Jinkee Pacquiao arrive at the KCC Mall on May 15, 2010 in General Santos, Philippines. Pacquiao was there to celebrate his election on becoming a member of House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines. Pacquiao established the record of being the first active boxer to become a congressman in the Philippines.  (Photo by Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images)
Jeoffrey Maitem/Getty Images

If anyone could bring together Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito for a discussion, it would be HBO's Max Kellerman.  He was fair in his questioning to both fighters, and he didn't hold back.

In the nine minute round table session, Kellerman, with the fighters and their trainers, shot the first question at Margarito.  Kellerman asked him if his life changed from the illegal hand wrap incident.   Margarito said that he left that incident behind, and he's focused on the fight against Pacquiao.

Then Kellerman asked Margarito if he was aware of someone placing a piece of plaster in his hand wraps while prepping for the fight that eventually cost him his license before it was reinstated.  Margarito denied he knew that something was placed under his hand wraps.

Wait a minute.  I'm sure that Margarito felt something, so he can't pretend that he didn't know.

Pacquiao didn't buy that ridiculous lie either.

Margarito fired back by saying he heard rumors that Pacquiao was on steroids.  Wouldn't the Pac-Man look more buffed and chiseled like a bodybuilder if he did?

If Floyd Mayweather looked at the interview on HBO, he'd swear that him and Margarito were thinking the same thing.  They both think that Pacquiao was on steroids.

Freddie Roach pointed out that Margarito got caught and Pacquiao didn't.  So is Pacquiao hiding something, since he hasn't (to my knowledge) confirmed or denied using steriods?

Kellerman turned to Roach and asked him why Pacquiao fought only Top Rank boxers.  That was a very good question, since Pacquiao is fighting Margarito, a Top Rank boxer.

Roach said, "What are our options?  Where else do we have to go?"  Kellerman mentioned Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez, two established fighters.

According to Roach, he thought it made more sense financially to fight Margarito.  It will make even more sense to fight Mayweather when he comes out of hiding.

Pacquiao was asked by Kellerman if he would fight Mayweather. Pac-Man said that the real champion will fight anybody.  

I guess the chicken will come out to roost when he's ready to fight Pacquiao.

The real action will occur in the ring, if you let Pacquiao tell it, between him and Margarito. 

Many people think Pacquiao is a charming assassin who will smile at his opponent before the fight,  and when the bell rings, beat him to a pulp.

Roach said Pacquiao will drop Margarito by the eighth round.  Margarito laughed at that statement.  Roach wiped that smile off Margarito's face when he reminded the Mexican of his last two fights that he saw.

Pacquiao wants to make the boxing fans who watch happy.  You know what?  Forget about making the fans happy.  Just beat the crap out of Margarito.