TNA = Biggest Joke in Wrestling Today??? Not Really

warcroftCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2008

This is a retalliation article to TNA= biggest joke in wrestling today!!!

This did start out as a response to Steve Ryans article. . . but it sort of grew.


TNA has, pretty much, only just hit the scene. They started from nothing and are doing a fantastic job of building up a fan base, sponsorship and air time. As time moves forward so too will TNA grow. The latest TNA tour of Europe they were playing to sold out venues. A huge increase compared to the previous time they toured.

Shark Boy is a gag character. Hes not suppose to be taken seriously. Much like the WWE had Gilberg. Know what a piss take is?

Jay Lethal one day started his own take on Macho Man Randy Savage. . . and it worked. Again, its a piss take, but it stuck because it worked well.

It seems to me you watch the WWE for its over the top spectacle. Its flashy lighting, the big pyros and loud music. . . which is fine. If you enjoy that sort of thing then Im happy for you. But, people who watch TNA watch it for the wrestling.

Not long ago the Motor City Machine Guns battled a Japanese tag team for 20 minutes of full on, fast paced, jaw dropping intensity. The moves they were performing were incredible. This was followed up in the coming weeks by the International Invitational (or whatever) competition. International teams battling it out for the gold. These matches were absolutely phenomenal! The WWE could not ever, EVER compare to the level of skillmanship displayed. Not to mention the majority of moves performed in ALL these matches (and other matches) are not allowed within a WWE ring.

'Canadian Destroyer' anyone?

And how can we talk about TNA and not mention the Knockouts? The Knockout division is the crown jewel of TNA. Its not uncommon for when the Knockout division is on TNA the ratings for that segment beat ECW and Smackdown. A bunch of girl wrestlers are beating all of what ECW and Smackdown have to offer. Why? Because they know how to wrestle and they know how to perform.

The WWE womens division and Divas division is just garbage. Its been known for years (and just accepted) that the WWE women wrestlers are crap (bar a select few).


Now, next time you watch some WWE matches just pay attention to whats actually happened in that match. Pay special attention to the amount of moves (or lack there of), how much stumbling about and lying around there is, how much time they waste in submission holds (sometimes half a match is someone is a choke hold). . . WWE matches are shallow. . . empty.

And now the WWE is officially a PG rating expect to see it all toned down a substantial amount.

If youre a TNA hater my recommendation to you is to look past the low budget. Look past the lack of flashy lights and loud music and actually focus on what these shows are all about. . . the wrestling. . . then, after watching a few shows of TNA, come back here and tell us what you think.