Justin Timberlake and 15 Other Golfers I'd Like to Shoot a Round of Golf With

Shane PattonCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

Justin Timberlake and 15 Other Golfers I'd Like to Shoot a Round of Golf With

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    The golf course is the best place to meet up with celebrities and other professionals.

    The round starts out all nice and friendly, but then everybody's competitive nature kicks in leading to otherwise civilized famous people throwing their clubs, cursing and having major temper tantrums, although now that I think about it, isn't that what celebs do off the course as well?

    Here is a list of my personal "dream" golf pairings...

Tiger Woods

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    I know, I know Tiger's had one hell of a year, but he's still Tiger. It would be a blast watching him attack the course.

    Plus, his stories would seal the deal. Can you imagine the stories he could tell?

    The tabloids nailed him pretty good (along with every other cocktail waitress in Vegas), but you know he still has some secrets he might let slip out of the vault...

Michelle Wie

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    Michelle Wie...okay, so she's famous for more than just her golf game, but she still makes the list.

    Plus, who knows? I just might be able to win the round...

Ernie Els

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    I've always respected Ernie Els and his golf game.

    Sure, he's struggled since his run at No. 1, but he still swings a mean club and would be a blast to play a round of golf with.

John Daly

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    I assume John Daly is on everyone's wish list. Not only is he gradually getting his game back, but Daly is a crackup and would be a blast to golf with.

    Plus, he's into wearing his crazy outfits, so I would look pretty stylish standing next to him and everyone knows that the look is just as important as the swing when playing celebrity golf.

Stacy Prammanasudh

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    Stacy Prammanasudh may not be a dominant player on the LPGA Tour, but she has managed two tournament wins.

    Back at the University of Tulsa, Stacy was First-Team All-American and that's good enough for me!

    The only problem with inviting Stacy on my golf outing would be the last name. If anyone ever needed a nickname, it's Prammanasudh!

Paula Creamer

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    Paula Creamer is a flat-out great golfer...she just happens to have the looks to go with her professional status.

    Plus, no nickname required here!

Rory McIlroy

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    Rory McIlroy has some mad golf skills which he showed off while playing for Team Europe in this year's Ryder Cup.

    McIlroy is known for not holding back and saying what's on his mind, so you can only imagine what he would be like during a celebrity golf tournament.

    A few beers and he'd be making all kinds of predictions and guarantees.

    He may even talk some @#$^ to other golfers on the course...

Anna Rawson

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    Australian Anna Rawson is another LPGA Tour player and part time model (sensing a theme?).

    She played collegiate golf at USC before turning pro in 2004.

    Rawson has been on the LPGA Tour after spending some time on the Ladies European Tour.


Elin Nordegren

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    Elin Nordegren might not be on every golfer's wish list, but she makes my cut. It's not like she doesn't know her way around a golf course.

    You know she could tell some tales that's for sure and we all already know she can swing a golf club with force (remember Tiger's Escalade?).

    Plus, I'm sure with her newfound wealth, the golf outing would be her treat.

Vijay Singh

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    Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    Vijay Singh was once the world's No. 1 golfer back in 2004.

    Playing a round with the "Big Fijian" would be a blast for any golfer, no matter their level of play.

Jenna Daniels

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    Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

    Jenna Daniels is another LPGA Tour player who would be worth inviting on my day-o-fun golf outing.

    Daniels was the NCAA player of the year in 2000 and a three time All-American before turning pro in 2001.

Danielle Montgomery

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    Danielle Montgomery competed in the Women's Australian Open back in 2007.

    She is still honing her golf game and plans to eventually play on the LPGA Tour.

    She's a good golfer who could give me some pointers without talking down to me, since she is still trying to make it herself.

Jim Carrey

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    Jim Carrey obviously plays a little tennis, so I'm sure he could be talked into a day of golf.

    I realize Carrey isn't a pro golfer or even a good amateur, but wouldn't you love to be there when he's making all his faces and noises every time he sliced into the bunker or missed a putt?

Lou Ferrigno

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    Not sure if Big Lou has taken up golf, but when I was a kid there was nobody more famous then the Incredible Hulk.

    Ferrigno has aged some since his days as the Hulk or even his days on the King of Queens, but he is still a huge man and it would be cool to see him taking his swings on the golf course.

    Hopefully, Lou would catch on quick because golf can make anyone angry and we all know that you're not supposed to get the Hulk, I mean Lou angry...