He Kexin, Olympic Gymnast: What's in a Name?

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He Kexin, Olympic Gymnast: What's in a Name?

Hey, Bud!

Oh hi, Lou. How's things?

Fine, fine. Say, Bud...


You're a fan of the Summer Olympics, right?

Oh, yes. Wonderful. Spectacular...

So I assume you've been watching the female gymnasts, right?

What kind of a silly question is that, Lou? I mean, what's a Summer Olympics without...

Yeah, yeah, whatever. But listen, I have a question.

Okay, what is it?

I want to know, what's the name of that Chinese gymnast?

Which one?

The one who does the uneven bars.




No, no. I'm talking about the girl.

So am I.

You said "he."

That's what you asked.

No. I asked, who is she?

And I said "He."



She's a he?

That's right.

So the Chinese female gymnast?

Is a He.

She is?

He is.

Is what?

A she.

Are you saying she's a he?


And the judges know that?

Know what?

That she's a he.

Well, of course they do. Why shouldn't they?

Because he's competing with the female gymnasts.

Of course she is.

Who is?

He is!

But you just said she's a he!

Because He is!

Is what?

A she! Don't you listen?

I'm listening, but I still don't know!

Know what?

Who is the Chinese girl on the uneven bars?

Not who! He! 

Who's he!

The Chinese female gymnast!

He is?

Now you've got it!

What have I got?

Her name!

Whose name?

The Chinese female gymnast!

Who's a he!

That she is!

She's what?

A He.

That she is!

Amen, brother!

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