What's Really Eating Urban Meyer? Cam Newton, Perhaps?

Alan BraunsteinContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Could've Stayed a Gator?
Could've Stayed a Gator?Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

I recently read a new article on Sports Illustrated's website by a Cory McCartney where he discusses the latest Heisman potentials for this season. Atop his list is someone very interesting ... Cam Newton.

In McCartney's article, he opens by talking about the 2007 Heisman race and states:

... the trophy went to Florida's Tim Tebow, the player that Newton was recruited to succeed in Gainesville before he transferred.

Cam Newton ... the guy the Gators had who would've been a perfect fit for Urban Meyer's and Steve Addazio's offense, who may have well kept the Gators in a better place assisting Tebow last year, and who could have kept the Gators at the top of this year's standings.

But, Cam Newton transferred.  Hmmm, doesn't that make it sound like he just up and left because he didn't like something at UF? Doesn't it then sound like Urban Meyer is an idiot for not doing anything/everything to keep that talented young guy on the Gator squad?

And if it does sound like that, maybe that's what people are really thinking ... because they have a short memory ... and Urban's kicking himself because that short memory is costing the Gators this season as well as last.

Let's not tell half-truths and share only part of the story, though. Cam Newton did transfer to Auburn, the other orange & blue in the SEC. However, he only did it because he was kicked off the team for stealing a laptop.

So, I have to wonder ... is Urban Meyer daydreaming about the future (now current) public not remembering Cam Newton's felony action and that he could've kept Newton with the Gators?

It's only cost them this year, and possible another dynasty.

Besides missing Tim, is that what's really eating Urban Meyer?