The All-Time Top 10 Goal Celebrations: Feat. Salmon, Golf And Cocaine (VIDEO)

Nick DaviesCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

The All-Time Top 10 Goal Celebrations: Feat. Salmon, Golf And Cocaine (VIDEO)

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    There are some goal celebrations which are better remembered than the goals that they celebrated, and this article is a tribute to these. 

    Whilst there is a pleasing honesty in a player running and celebrating with his teammates, there is and especially satisfying feeling seeing a team go into a clearly planned routine, and I'm hoping you'll agree that this is a selection of the best.  

10: Papa Bouba Diop

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    Man Mountain Papa Bouba Diop puts Senegal in front of France, and proceeds to dance with his teammates around his shirt. I especially enjoyed the latecomers enthusiasm! This is a less well known one, but still brilliant. 

9: Brian Laudrup

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    Laudrup smashes the ball near-post, and tears away hands aloft and ecstasy on his face. Suddenly he slides into a near perfect catalogue model pose with a look of serene contemplation on his face. 

8: Roger Milla

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    No list of goal celebrations would be complete without the dancing skills of a certain Cameroon player. Largely from before the days of ornate celebrations Milla's cheeky victory dances have passed down through playgrounds for decades.  

7: Lua Lua

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    The master of flips, many have similar celebrations, but Lua Lua's celebrations were absolutely fantastic, that is until he was banned from doing them due to injuring himself performing one! Still, worth it. 

6: Jimmy Bullard

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    Everyone's favourite cheeky chappy of football, Bullard scored the equalising penalty against Manchester City and proceeded to re-enact Phil Brown's infamous halftime pitch side talk. Brown took it in the spirit of fun, and applauded Bullard's celebration, citing it as putting the demons of the incident to rest.  

5: Craig Bellamy

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    Where there is controversy, there is Craig Bellamy. The fiery Welshman seemed to be on a crusade to change the stereotype of the placid Welsh (joined by John Hartson and Robbie Savage) and celebrated this goal by swinging his arms like a golf drive. The reference? He had just been in trouble for chasing his teammate, John Arne Risse, with his golf club. Classy? Perhaps not. Funny? Absolutely definitely.   

4: Robbie Fowler

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    Fowler blew away Everton fans' chants about his alleged drug use by pretending to snort a line from the turf. Despite the fines he received it was a great celebration, showing Fowler could give as good as he got. 

3: Paul Gascoigne

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    Following pictures of Gascoigne tied to a dentists chair being forced drinks by his teammates, Gascoigne celebrated this wonderful goal against Scotland by throwing himself to the deck and having his teammates squirt drinks at him. A great celebration, befitting a great goal.  

2: Jurgen Klinsmann

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    Klinsmann came to England with a reputation for diving, and defying the German lack of humour stereotype he celebrated his debut goal with a full stretch slide along the ground and became an instant hero, and the celebration an instant classic. 

1: F.C. Stjarnan

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    This is an example of how it's not only established stars who can get away with original celebrations. This Icelandic team has a habit of fantastically over the top celebrations, and the video is a selection of the best. Just for the Salmon catch, it's a worthy winner.

    I know there will be disagreement about any top 10, but hopefully you'll all agree that these celebrations are all worthy of recognition. If I've made any glaring omissions let me know below.