TNA= biggest joke in wrestling today!!!

steve ryanContributor IApril 1, 2017

As a big fan of the WWE for many years its been really itching at me that TNA could suck as much as it does. TNA is garbage and forever will be, and will never ever be WWE and will never produce the great things that WWE has produced over the years.

First of back around the time of wrestlemania 24 TNA was going around the fan nation trying to tell everyone TNA is better, which its not. During the time when wrestlemania 24 was starting TNA fans walked around the citrus bowl endorsing TNA by giving out free tee-shirts and stuff.

If your a fan of TNA, you must know who shark boy is, hes a joke is what he is. Hes trying to be stone cold steve austin which as every WWE fan would know no on will ever be as good as the toughest SOB on the planet. Sharkboy comes out with his leather vest just like stone cold, he talks in a stone cold way and copies all of stone colds SIGNATURE moves and taunts.God sharkboy please go drown.

Jay leathal is now the macho man randy savage, but their was already one so their cant be 2 of them. He wears the same exact thing and tries to sound just like him with Randy's "ohhh yeah!!!". Maybe just maybe they should come up with their own characters for once that would be very nice of them.

But now what are the things that TNA cant give us that WWE can wow such a long list. first of all TNA can never make a PPV extravaganza like wrestlemania,royal rumble, summerslam, or survivor series. TNA will never get 80,103 attendance for bound for glory as wrestlemania. TNA could never give us a bret hart,stone cold, the rock,triple H, or even the undertaker. TNA cant give us the pyro technics that blows us away. TNA could never give us fan reaction moments as WWE has. For example undertaker throwing mankind of the hell in a cell, brock lesnar getting a forklift to move big show in their stretcher match at JD 2003, shane mcmahons leap of faith from 50 feet, and so on.

so lets face it untill everyone notices that TNA is for wimps your just living in your own little world.