Shame on you, Don Nehlen

frank martinoCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2007


West Virginia gave you a home when Michigan ignored you. 

When your name came up for the Michigan job, several businessmen came up with a million dollars to keep you here—even though your beloved Michigan never wanted you. 

West Virginians considered you as one of us because of your honesty, and integrity, and your "I am nobody special" humility.

Values that all of West Virginia hold dear to them.

It was you that turned your old dream into Rich Rodriguez's new dream.  He had the chance to do what you never had—coach the Michigan Wolverines.

His mom said that he came to you for advice about this.  And it was you who told him that a chance like Michigan only comes once in a lifetime. 

Well, so does a national championship.

You abandoned the values of the place you called home for the past 20 years—West Virginia.  A home where your family is intertwined with the good people here.  Where your grandsons play for University High School, and your son still handles the equipment at WVU. 

You ignored all the love that this state has given you over the years. 

Was your motive to help Rich, or to ensure of your own immortality in West Virginia's football history books? 

Rodriguez had a chance to take West Virginia to heights it has never known in college football.  That would have erased all memory of your fine records here. 

But you have done that all by yourself.  The people of West Virginia know it was you who told Rich he should take the job. 

Shame on you, Don—for contributing to the delinquency of a young coach, and disrespecting the state that took you in.