UFC 121 Fight Card: What Matt Hamill Must Do To Beat Tito Ortiz

Jon LeeCorrespondent IOctober 18, 2010

I will always remember Matt Hamill as the deaf guy on The Ultimate Fighter show who may or may not have intentionally hurt his teammates while training. That and the fact that he was eating white bread peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while training in the house. That cracked me up for some reason.

This Saturday at UFC 121, Hamill will be taking on his coach during that season of The Ultimate Fighter; Tito Ortiz.

Hamill is an underrated fighter in my opinion. He has heavy hands, great wrestling, and is surprisingly athletic.

I think he holds the advantage over Ortiz in every aspect of this fight, except for experience.

Standing up, Hamill has much better power, and technique. He also has more options as he demonstrated when he knocked out Mark Munoz with a head kick awhile back.

Hamill is about a year younger than Ortiz, so while he may not have the advantage of youth, he hasn't had nearly as many injuries as Tito has recently and comes into this fight as close to 100% as any fighter can hope to be.

Hamill has only lost to Michael Bisping and Rich Franklin, both of whom are blown up middleweights who overwhelmed Hamill with their striking. He was thrown around like a rag doll by Jon Jones(but who isn't?), but won the fight when Jones was DQ'd for an illegal elbow.

Ortiz has nowhere near Jones' freakish agility, and wrestling or Franklin and Bisping's striking ability. I expect Matt Hamill to try to keep this fight standing as much as possible. If Hamill does get taken down, he needs to work to get back to his feet and overwhelm Ortiz with punches before changing levels and looking for the takedown. If Hamill can hold Ortiz down, we may see a TKO.

Matt Hamill has way more options in this fight. He can finish Ortiz standing, he can TKO him with ground and pound and he should be able to dominate an entire 15 minute fight for a unanimous decision.