NBA: All-Overrated Team

DarrenContributor IAugust 20, 2008

PG: Jason Kidd -Jason Kidd is one of the most overrated players in the NBA and has been overrated in terms of his career as well.

When the New Jersey Nets had traded Jason Kidd to the Dallas Mavericks, the Mavericks thought all of there problems would be solved, they were completely WRONG. Jason Kidd was not a type of player that would fit in with Avery Johnson's system nor would he fit into a team like Dallas.

One of the problems with Jason Kidd is the fact that he's a complete liability on the half-court game. He can't create his own shot and every team knows for a fact that he can't shoot for jack. They say Kidd is probably one of the greatest PG's of all-time, and that is an insult to guys like Kevin Johnson, Magic Johnson and John Stockton. Jason Kidd is a fantastic player and a future HOF, but not one of the greatest PG's of all-time.

Jason Kidd is a very versatile player but it seems like in order for him to succeed he needs to be a team like the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors and all the run and gun teams. Jason Kidd cannot play in a team with a  half court system. That is the exact reason why he and the Nets failed when Vince Carter arrived and with Lawrence Frank as the coach.

SG: Allen Iverson -Allen Iverson has been overrated throughout his career and is still an overrated player now. Allen Iverson is a player who plays no defense what so ever, a complete chucker and the complete opposite of a champion.

The problem I would say most people have with Iverson is the fact that his FG% is very very low and his field goal attempts are way too much for any player. It is a joke saying Iverson carried the team to the Finals in 2001 by himself when he had excellent and underrated teammates; he might have been their only offensive weapon, but he was there worst defensive weapon besides stealing the ball. In Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals the game could have gone either way -- it was poorly officiated and the game was a toss-up due to the officials. So not only is Allen Iverson overrated, but saying he led his teammates to the finals is overrated.

If you ever want to win a title stay away from Allen Iverson and do the complete opposite of what he does. Iverson cannot work with superstars, he is a player that can only work within a restricted system and everybody must be a role player at best and accept that role. If you want to take an even closer look at how overrated he is, check his FG% against the Spurs and the Lakers during the playoffs, the last 2 years.

SF: Carmelo Anthony - Carmelo Anthony is an overrated player and here is why. Carmelo Anthony is a player that plays sub-par defense at best, and a player that cannot really do anything else besides score for himself. Carmelo might rebound the ball a good amount, but it's the Enver Nuggets we are talking about, they don't rebound and they don't defend one tiny bit.

Melo is also a player that can't really create his shot at the top of the key where many clutch players and wing players can. I didn't believe he was snubbed at all 2 years ago, when he wasn't voted into the all-star game. Melo doesn't bring much to the table besides scoring and rebounding. He really doesn't have much of a heart and he's not willing to do much besides score to win -- it's like you need other teammates to do the intangibles and Melo is allergic to that. All superstars and all-stars should bring at least some intangibles.

PF: Chris Bosh - Chris Bosh is overrated but the least overrated on this team. Chris Bosh is simply overrated for the fact that they say he's the next big thing. He's not even close -- Chris Bosh is nowhere near the level of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Sure, Chris Bosh is an all-star but that's all he is at best.

Chris Bosh is a player that has the body of a small forward, but he is capable of playing the power forward spot. Chris Bosh is one of the softest players in the league and it's not even close, he got completely roasted by Dwight Howard and Rashard Lewis of the Orlando Magic.

Sure, Chris Bosh is playing amazing basketball in the Olympics now, but in the NBA? He is an overrated player. Bosh is too soft to play above average defense, and too weak to average 10 rebounds per game again. Chris Bosh is an all-star and that's all he is as of now, he will probably improve as a player. As of now, he's an all-star and nothing more than one.

C: Dwight Howard - Dwight Howard is probably the most overrated player in the NBA today. This guy is underachieving with the type of body he has. I'm sure if you give a guy like Yao Ming Dwight's physique, he would be averaging the type of stats Shaq or Hakeem Olajuwon were averaging during there first three years in the league.

Dwight Howard's problem seems to be his IQ. It seems like Dwight doesn't really understand how to use post moves, how to use his body or how to score without being assisted by his teammates. Although Dwight is young, he is still relatively underachieving with the body he has. Dwight is not an offensive force like Shaq was his entire career or Yao Ming as of today. Dwight does not need to be doubled in order to be stopped unlike many other offensive forces in the past.

People say he is the best center or the best big man in the league. How is he the best big men or center if he can't even demand a double team night in and night out? His lack of offensive game is what really makes this guy overrated -- he is a force on the defensive side, but he really lacks offense. There are many other guys who are forces on defense and aren't talented on offense like Samuel Dalembert, Erick Dampier and Desagana Diop and others.

Ever since the all-star break with Dwight doing the superman dunk he has clearly been over-hyped and overrated. Dwight is not the best big man or the best center in the league.