My Smackdown/ECW Experience: Moline, IL **Spoilers Included**

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My Smackdown/ECW Experience: Moline, IL  **Spoilers Included**

Hello Everybody,

My name is Jeremy Rushing, i've been a wrestling fan since i was 4 years old and i am the newest WWE writer for the Bleacher Report.  Every week i will post a blog about my thoughts on the events of the week and my thoughts on the current state of WWE.  Last night Smackdown and ECW invaded my hometown of Moline, Illinois and me and my friend Colin went.  Our day started at around 11 am when we went down to the I Wireless Center to catch a glimpse of the wrestlers entering the arena.  While we were there we saw the Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, and i actually saw Vinny Mac.  After about 45 minutes at the arena we went to a local car dealership where MVP was signing autographs.  After standing in line for around 20 minutes MVP signed my latest issue of WWE The Magazine.  After that we went to Hooters for lunch and went home to chill before we went to the show.

Now, Moline itself is a relatively small town, but its apart of the Quad Cities, USA.  Which is made up of four small towns.  Which make a pretty big area.  The Quad Cities are located on the mississippi river and consist of Moline Illinois, Rock Island Illinois, Bettendorf Iowa, and Davenport Iowa.  The WWE usually comes once a year.  Ok enough about where i live, lets get to the show shall we.

Me and my friend colin got to the arena about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  Evidentally the WWE is going to change their logo and had people vote for 5 different logo's.  Some of them were really intriguing.  Our tickets were in the lower bowl right about at the start of the horseshoe.  3/4 of the Upper Bowl was tarped off and it took a while but once ECW started the lower bowl really started to fill up. 

Dark Match

Tony Atlas came out first and introduced some Japanese guy that "he's been searching the world for".  After the Japanese guy's entrance, Jamie Noble's music hit and he came out to a pretty good pop, The Japanese guy won in about 5 minutes, pretty good match to get the crowd fired up.


The opening pyro was pretty awesome.  The first match was The Miz, John Morrison, and Chavo vs. Evan Bourne, Super Crazy and Tommy Dreamer.  Pretty good match to start off the show with Miz gaining the pinfall dirty in around 7 minutes. Next up was Ricky Ortiz putting his 3-0 record on the line against Gavin Spears.  Another good match with Ortiz winning and improving his record to 4-0.  Next up Finlay and Hornswoggle came out to a pretty big pop.  Finlay got on the mic and talked about how Mike Knox has been saying he's turned soft and teasing that Knox is a coward for not facing him face to face.  Finlay calls out Knox and Knox comes out to the stage, microphone in hand.  Finlay and Knox exchange insults then Knox teases charging the ring but he stops at the bottom of the ramp and says he's gonna fight Finlay on his terms.  Finlay then says he's gonna make a move then and attacks Knox on the outside and they battle it out all the way beside the stage before security breaks them up.  Next is the main event, Hardy vs. Henry for the ECW Title, The crowd really popped big time for Hardy.  Pretty good main event match with Henry gaining the victory (again with help from Tony Atlas). 

**Spoiler Warning**


No pyro to start the show even though the ring announcer said there would be.  Vickie comes out on the stage and said she's changed, but the fans still boo her like i've never heard before.  She then announced a Smackdown Championship Scramble match for Unforgiven.  The four qualifying matches are tonight.  She then announced that The Undertaker will make his return to Smackdown tonight! The opening match is Maria vs. Natalya.  Natalya wins in a pretty boring match but its good to see the divas in action.   Big Show backstage is told he is not in the mix to qualify for the Scramble.  The big show comes out to a huge pop and gets a chair and sits at ringside.  10 man battle royal for a spot in the championship scramble.  Big show doesnt wait long to get involved.  He eliminates around 7 of the participants but when he throws The Brian Kendrick out of the ring Kendrick's body guard catches him.  Big Show thinks he has won so he exits the ring and begins walking up the ramp when Kendricks body guard rolls him back in the ring and Kendrick is declared the winner.  Next MVP faces Festus in a scramble qualifying match.  The 2nd most boring match i have ever seen sees MVP win by count out.  Next Shelton Benjamin faces Finlay in a scramble qualifying match.  Now this was the most boring match i have ever seen with Benjamin winning by pinfall.  HHH comes out and does commentary as Hardy face Khali in a scramble qualifying match.  HHH gets involved and hits Khali with the chair while the ref is turned around allowing Hardy to hit the Whisper in the Wind and the Swanton for the win.  HHH then gets in the ring and cuts a promo talking about the scramble then Kenny Dykstra comes out talks about not getting in a respect then HHH pedigrees Dykstra and leaves.   Funny moment when Vickie Guererro comes on the tron making some sort of announcement but there is no audio.  They try to replay the segment like 3 times but there was never any audio.  Next La Familia comes out to formally apologize to the Undertaker.  The Undertaker comes out and tells Vickie and he came for her soul, La Famlia surround the Undertaker and he takes them all out with vickie running (yes running even though she's still in a wheel chair) up to the stage in sheer terror of the undertaker as Smackdown went off the air.

Dark Match

HHH def. Khali

Afterwards me and my friend went down to the floor and each got a high five from HHH.  After that we went to where the wrestlers leave the arena and i got Ricky Ortiz and Evan Bourne's autograph and everybody witnessed Maria run a stop sign in a really dangerous intersection hahaha.  

I know this blog was really really long and i assure you guys none of my other blogs will be this long but it was hard to get my whole experience in here.  All in all it was a good night and until next week, Noodle out.   

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