Juwan Howard's Best Chance

Jess Matthew Beltran@sportsalchemistCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2010

Juwan Howard in the bench
Juwan Howard in the benchOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

An NBA All-star, All-NBA third team and an NBA-rookie second team. He was the member of the famed “Fab Five” by the Michigan Wolverines composed of Jalen Rose, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and Chris Webber. Now after a 17-year NBA career Juwan Howard will be spending more time in the bench and lesser time in the court after signing with the Miami Heat.

It’s been a total of 8 teams since he was drafted as the fifth overall pick by the then Washington Bullets now called the Washington Wizards in 1994 but the excitement and anticipation was something Howard looks forward to this season. Signing the veteran’s minimum salary with the Miami Heat was a no brainer for Juwan. This is his last ditch of making it deep into the playoffs and maybe just maybe he could win an NBA ring in the long run.

After being an alpha dog in Washington where in he averages almost a double-double in every outing his role became limited throughout his career. It was always his defense that put him that long and it was his basketball IQ that teams are always looking to add him up on their roster.

14 years ago he tried to sign with the Heat but the contract was voided because of the order in which Miami submitted its contracts in regards to the salary cap. But maybe it’s one way of fate saying that it wasn’t his time yet.

Juwan had three reasons to smile its Lebron, Wade and Bosh the three superstars he will be joining and adding his veteran presence among the youngsters in Miami. At limited minutes this year Juwan still happy of the opportunity that the Heat has given him. He has been an All-star and a member of the famous Fab five… He had been there on the limelight for quite a long time and at 37 years old he is just happy he made it this long and his only best chance in winning finally a championship.