Michigan Monday: Things I learned on Saturday

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Michigan Monday: Things I learned on Saturday
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When I sat down on my couch on Saturday, I had Christmas-like thoughts running through my head. The weather was warm, and it felt like a great day for upsets.  I turned on the Illinois-Michigan State game on the BTN, and this thought danced through my head: Could Michigan State, Iowa and Ohio State all get upset today?

Well, we know only Ohio State went down in a football game that I hope all the Wolverines watched. Why you ask? Not because both teams remain on Michigan's schedule (that is a good enough reason to watch), but Wisconsin gave us all a textbook example on how to upset a highly-ranked team at home. The young Wolverines need to take that class, and read that book a couple of times.

Back to my list of things I learned on Saturday that was strangely educational:

  • For the young Wolverines, the more things change the more, they stay the same.
  • Illinois is an improving team and out-played Michigan State for close to three quarters but couldn't score touchdowns.
  • Michigan State seems to be a team dedicated to not beating themselves. They just wait for the other team to make a mistake and then win the game. 
  • The Minnesota Golden Gophers Athletic Department has a crystal ball. They started writing a press release firing Tim Brewster on Friday if he lost on Saturday. They did, and he got fired.
  • Michigan for the second-straight year made Indiana look much better than they really are. 
  • Purdue always seems to play better after their first string QB goes out with an injury.
  • Kenny Demens is the answer at middle linebacker for Michigan.
  • Watching Michigan play this year is not good for my blood pressure.
  • The Michigan coaches need to spend more time at practicethe soccer team's practice.
  • I'm still really upset about Devin not red-shirting.
  • Michigan needs both Denard and Tate this year. 
  • David Molk might be just as important to the Michigan offense as Denard is.
  • This ABC/ESPN mirror thing is strange. I had the Michigan game on both ABC and ESPN channels. I can't get Texas and Nebraska?
  • Speaking of Nebraska, I was real worried about them joining the Big Ten last week. Now I feel better.
  • I would like to see a replay of the Auburn-Arkansas game. 
  • The Big Ten champ this year might have one or two losses.
  • My lucky shirt from Weeks 1-5 isn't lucky anymore.
  • Those new Tech Fit jerseys didn't look any different.
  • Michigan's defense can make an average offense look good.
  • Greg Robinson might not be the answer at DC. Even I knew the draw was coming on 3rd-and-16, and the whole Demens thing is mystifying. 
  • Michigan should put their starting offensive line in for field goals. Big Will blocking? I know he was an offensive lineman in high school, but come on; Iowa had their first team defense line in.

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