Oklahoma Football: Bob Stoops' Team Is Flying High And Primed For Success

Matt Piccicuto@@matt_piccContributor IOctober 18, 2010

Oklahoma Football: Bob Stoops' Team Is Flying High And Primed For Success

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    After yet another crazy and unpredictable week in college football.  Many questions remain and absolutely nothing has been settled. 

    Fresh off an extremely impressive 52 point thrashing of Iowa St. the Oklahoma Sooners have the pole position in the race to the BCS Title game.  With a very favorable schedule from here on out, the Sooners are set up to potentially slide right into the championship game and snag the coaches trophy for the first time since 2000. 

    There were plenty of other important games this past weekend with serious implications as well.  With the BCS releasing their initial rankings, now is a great time to check in on all the major players and see where they stand.

Oklahoma Promises to Be a Tough Out

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    Riding an emotional high one week after taking down their bitter rival Texas, Oklahoma is clicking on all cylinders and looks as close to unbeatable as there is. 

    Since this has been a particularly wacky season in terms of top 10 shakeups I wont anoint them as champions yet, but their remaining schedule is very manageable and should have them playing in the Big 12 title game for the right to play for the BCS Championship.  They still have to travel to Missouri this week and to Oklahoma State at the end of the regular season, but other than that all of their contests are very winnable. 

    With Landry Jones settling in as the unquestioned leader of the team and the defense keeping them in games, the Sooners look dangerous.  With a wealth of offensive weapons at his disposal, Coach Stoops has got to like his chances from here on out.

Boise State May Have Trouble Making Up Ground

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    Boise State claimed another victim this weekend after rolling San Jose State 48-0, but it was what happened outside of that game which may come to back to haunt the Broncos. 

    With Oregon State losing to Washington and Nevada slipping up against Hawaii, two of the Broncos most important opponents did nothing to help the fellas from the blue turf.  Oregon State represents half of the Broncos key victories this season and every loss they suffer will only stand to knock the Broncos down in the eyes of the voters.  Nevada was enjoying their best start in many years, but were pushed out of the top 25 with their loss on the big island.

    The Broncos are second in all of the major rankings, but their BCS computer average is slightly less than that of No. 2 Oregon who controls their own destiny if they are able to win out. 

    After a year that started with great promise and dreams of their first ever national title game appearance, Boise is once again going to need some help from outside sources to bring that dream to reality.

Ohio State Let a Golden Opportunity Slip Through Their Grasp

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    With their devastating loss at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers, the Buckeyes once again let a perfect opportunity to control the Big Ten slip away.  Death, taxes and a Buckeye letdown...all things that one could consider a certainty. 

    It seems like each season Ohio St. has all the talent they could imagine and everything in place for a national title run, but they find a way to lose focus and throw it all away.  The Buckeyes are now looking up in the standings at Michigan State, Iowa and Wisconsin and would need all kinds of assistance if they are to make it back to the apex of the Big Ten.  Granted the game was played at hostile Camp Randall Stadium, but if the Buckeyes ever want to be considered as one of the top programs in the nation these are the games they need to find a way to pull out.

    No doubt many supporters of THE Ohio State University are left with feelings of disappointment and remorse, but if the Buckeyes can find a way to win all of their remaining games they may have an outside shot at a BCS Bowl bid.  It surely will not be an easy feat, but they pulled it off last season and saved themselves from having to answer to all the doubters once again. 

    Terrell Pryor needs get himself sorted out and put some better performances on the field if the Buckeyes are to have any shot at redemption.  His effort against Wisconsin simply wont get the job done.

The Big East Is a Colossal Disappointment

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    With just one team ranked in the top 25 at this point of the season and no viable title game participant, the Big East Conference has been nothing short of embarrassing.  Half of the league is currently sporting a 3-3 record (RE: mediocre), and has no shot of challenging for the national title.  Even the breadwinner of the conference, West Virginia finds themselves no higher than 20th in the initial BCS Rankings.  One of these sub par squads will back their way into a BCS bowl berth with a severe beating awaiting for them on national TV.

    The most impressive out of conference victory for any of these teams would more than likely be Rutgers triumph over an improved, but very shaky Army team last week.  The conference leading Mountaineers can boast wins over Marshall, UNLV and Maryland.  Those particular outfits don't strike fear in the heart of even the most middling of college football programs and therefore hold no real weight.  Plan on watching one of these undeserving teams get throttled in a New Years day bowl game and collecting a fat paycheck in the process...how very unfortunate.