Mats Sundin: Ten Reasons To Come or Not To Come to Montreal

Miah D.Senior Writer IAugust 20, 2008

"See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you" - U2

We are in mid-August and more, and still no sign whatsoever from Mats Sundin. The newspapers say one thing, Mr. I-am-just-there-to-deny Barry comes behind to crash down our hopes of finally ending this story.

Taking a look at Bleacher's list of articles, once every three or four posts, I can expect to see "Mats Sundin ...". Do you people realize how nuts he drives us all?

So in the hope of speeding things up, I decided to make up a list of reasons why he should sign or not with my dear Canadiens. For any of you who would meet Mr. I-pretend-not-to-know-anything Barry, please drop the word!

He should sign:

1) Becoming the first Center of the team will be the utlimate revenge on Saku Koivu. Take that, Saku!

2) At the team's annual rookie dinner, he will have the chance to visit the local jail.

3) Yvon Pedneault is gone.

4) He will witness the fantastic magic of coach Carbonneau: transforming a D-man into a LW/RW.

5) If sometimes he misses his Leafs-uniform, no worries. Some so-called Canadiens fans are capable of booing their own players.

6) IKEA's having sales.

7) After each playoff round, he can watch the newest Montreal attraction: the riot!

8) Latendresse's little boy needs a real Hockey player as example!

9) The latest part of "O Canada" is still in English (feels like home, eh)

10) They still sell Nordiques shirts at the Old Port.

He should not sign:

1) There is a risk he will get Latendresse on his line.

2) He will have to hug Saku Koivu.

3) Hot-Dog kiosks are not allowed in the streets of Montreal.

4) If he signs with the Flyers, he will have one thing in common with Daniel Briere. Take that, Montreal!

5) Montreal's Eaton Center is not even half of Toronto's. 

6) He will have to see this and NOT laugh

7) He will have to learn to say "merci beaucoup" or politicians will never let him get away with it.

8) Pierre Houde is still there.

9) If he doesn't score two goals per game, fans will ask for a trade.

10) If he DOES score two goals per game, fans will ask for three.


Okay, I hope it will help him make up his mind so we can all move on with our lives.

But seriously, Mats Sundin, wherever you want to go, just take the freaking damn decision, you ... you ... you fans-wait-maker!

Go Habs!