Peter Bojarinov's View of the Toronto Maple Leafs After Two Weeks

Peter BojarinovAnalyst INovember 20, 2016

Al Bello/Getty Images

My view on the Toronto Maple Leafs after the first two weeks of the 2010-11 NHL Season:

1. The Leafs have found offence each night out, if they keep this up, they’ll be in every match.

2. The bottom six have really lead given a boost of energy to the whole team, and have done a great job on both sides of the ice.

3. The powerplay has looked better, but still aren’t producing as much as they’d like. Give more ice-time to the 2nd unit, and/or they need to mix up the lines a tweak.

4. Schenn still leading the defense, after 4 games, he’s looked the best defensive, made smart outlet passes, and kept his game simple which he didn’t last year, keep it up Schenner.

5. Phaneuf. Is still leading this team strong as captain, playing abit better this past week, he still needs to find his groove.

6. CMac (Clarke MacArthur) is the first Leaf ever to score in his first four games as a Leaf. Amazing play by Clarke, he’s done everything he’s needed to.

7. Komisarek and Gunnersson still lacking something on the backend, looks like Gunner’s time has run out, Lebda looks to be taking his spot for Monday’s game.

8. Not to be a downer, but the Leafs have yet to play against a team who’s played the full 60 minutes, and had a full unit this season. Good thing, the Leafs have played almost each game the full 60 minutes, can they keep this up though?

9. Kessel and Bozak capturing what they were doing at the end of last season, beauty boys. You’re going to have to do this night in and night out.

10. Giguere looked a bit average last game, glad the offence picked him up, he’ll need to be back to Giggy form for more wins.

P.S. I’ll love my view of the next game (section 217, row 14) in the ACC. Go Leafs Go.