The 10 Most Overrated WWF/WWE Wrestlers of All-Time

Scott KeenaContributor IAugust 20, 2008

10. Diesel (Kevin Nash)

    Yes...he had a cool gimmick and yes his theme rocked, but his ring skills did not. He was pushed as though he was the greatest big man the company had ever seen (The Undertaker). He most certainly was not. He held it for too long, too often, and when he left for WCW it was a blessing in disguise for all the big men to follow. Not a bad wrestler, but not a great one either. Also.... him in WCW.... Yuck!

9. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

    Watch him wrestle. Enough said.

8. JBL

    The days of "Bradshaw" are long gone and boy does it seem like a long time ago. When he was one half of a quality tag team from the "Attitude" era (APA) he was a bad ass with a mean disposition. Now he is just BAD! The most boring promos in the game today and his feuds drag out the longest and always leave you wanting less. He is pushed like a top heel when he is anything but. Please...someone.... for the love of WWE...pop the tires on his limo.

7. Mabel, "King" Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V...ETC.

    How did this guy stay in the company for so long? And furthermore, how did he win a King of the Ring? Another big guy not worthy of a push. What he lacked in personality, he overshadowed with an even worse in ring ability. Good riddance.

6. Goldberg

    I know some people will disagree here. I by no means think he was bad, but his wrestling skills were not too great and led to him retiring Bret Hart because of it. He was pushed too fast and too hard while the few great guys in WCW and WWE were waiting in the wings and never got their chance.

5. Hulk Hogan

    In the 1980's he was the greatest. He made the sport what it is today. He made WWF a household name. For that I thank him. For his ego trip, refusal to put people over cleanly, and holding the title when he's not worthy, I do not thank him. He can't wrestle one little bit, but that's fine. He held a lot of guys back and it's a shame. The greatest icon in the history of sports entertainment was around for too long and it hurt his image in my eyes.

4. John Cena

    I know it seems cliché to put Cena on an overrated list but I have my reasons. For all the energy and hard work he puts into his matches and promos, he loses with sad matches and crazy long title runs that leave WWE fans almost insulted to believe that he could be the champ for over a year. Until recently, it was almost impossible for any heel, or wrestler for that matter, to obtain a clean victory over Cena. He gets a 50/50 reaction in every arena. That, to me, is troubling considering he is the companies #1 baby face.

3. Umaga

    No name in WWE right now is more cringe worthy than Umaga. Why this guy is even mid-card is a mystery to me. I don't see any qualities worth pushing, and yet, he's pushed every time he begins a new feud. Why?

2. Mark Henry

    The only time this man was tolerable on WWF/E television was when he joined "The Nation." Of course that group had The Rock. That should be inspiration to become great. Mark Henry defiantly used none of it. His title run is laughable along with his look, gimmick, and overall wrestling ability. If you don't believe me, just remember: Mae Young and a hand.

1. Ultimate Warrior

    Has any wrestler been able to have a career of so much with having so little? The answer is YES! Warrior was bad in the ring, out of the ring, as a person, and had no respect back stage. I know that the 80's WWF focused little to none on in-ring ability, but this guy is the ultimate worst to watch. It hurts a lot to see him wrestle for 8 minutes, blow all the spots, and become the champion at the end. All of it was pitiful, bad, and just a black mark on the history of the sport.