College Football Delivers a Bang! Bang! Saturday

John TsiantosContributor IOctober 17, 2010

Sound OFF on all the College Football action with J.T. & Kuveikis on the Tuesday edition of TSSO Show at 8ET on BTR.
Sound OFF on all the College Football action with J.T. & Kuveikis on the Tuesday edition of TSSO Show at 8ET on BTR.

J.T. Sounds OFF- October 17, 2010


Is that all you got College Football?  Strap in!  Here's your recap of an absolute fantastic Saturday on College campuses.  

Where to begin?  Texas dismantled everyone's then favorite team to make a title run Nebraska.  In doing so Texas avoided a 3-game losing streak which hadn't occurred since 1999.  Maybe Nebraska's freshman quarterback was bullet proof after all.

Halfway through the season and you can usually identify who's for real in the SEC and who's not.  Florida?  Nope!  They just lost a 3rd consecutive game for the first time since 1988.  Alabama?  They just got another life line sent their way as #1 Ohio State went down.  

I'll get to the Buckeyes in a moment.

Georgia and Tennessee are having down years.

That leaves Auburn.  The team that nobody outside of Auburn was buying into as of last week.  Well, you know the old cliche that if you can't handle the heat get out the kitchen.  Not so fast says Auburn.  The Tigers drop 65 points Saturday in a dismantling of Arkansas.  Now are you ready to buy the Tigers from Auburn, Alabama?  

The Big 10 is having its best year in some time.  However, when the #1 Buckeys get dethroned it can't help the conference.  Can it?  It sure does help when a conference foe in Wisconsin is the team that takes them down.  The Badgers have beaten Jim Tresell's team now 4 times.  Most by any team.

Sticking in the Big 10.  Despite Ohio State's demise yesterday there is still reason to rejoice in the conference.  Michigan State is off to its best start, 7-0, since 1966.  Let's not forget that the Spartans took down the Badgers in Lansing two weeks ago 34-24.  Can't remember a time the Big Ten had such a compelling season.

There is never a dull moment in College Football.  That's why after a wild Week 7 I once again turn my cheek to the argument that a playoff system is needed in College Football.  

Whether you agree on that or not.  You have to agree with me on this.  College Football just delivered a Bang! Bang! week that many fans from across the country will be talking about well into next week. 


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