Orton Motorcyle Accident Fake?

adam smereckiCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2008

Last Monday, Randy Orton claimed he re-broke his collarbone the day before in a motorcycle accident near his home (in High Ridge, Missouri). Orton claimed his motorcycle struck a curb after a car veered into his lane, causing him to swerve to widen his turn. Orton said he was thrown off the motorcycle and continued to roll 300 feet while unconscious. He landed in a ditch and believes he could have died had he not been wearing a helmet. He said his only injury was to his collarbone, which won't require additional surgery. He will now be out of action an additional three months. Not to say that the motorcycle accident didn't happen, but the entire ordeal does seem suspicious. Thus far, the St. Louis media has yet to report anything on the supposed accident. Secondly, the Missouri highway patrol has no record of responding to any accident involving the WWE Superstar, although they would likely only have to do with the highways. Some people asked the St. Louis police department about the apparent accident, but knew nothing about it when asked. Orton is based out High Ridge, a St. Louis suburb, which is in Jefferson County. Some people called the county sheriff's department line, but it goes to a voice message and then says that the message box is full. Some neighboring jurisdictions that the St. Louis police suggested were also checked, and once again, nobody knew anything about the accident. A few days before the supposed accident, Orton was in the U.K. promoting SummerSlam and said he was two weeks away from returning to the ring.

Courtesy of Rajah.com