Poor IMPACT Leads to Questions over TNA's Direction

Steven ConeyCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2010

Bischoff and Hogan are now "running" TNA
Bischoff and Hogan are now "running" TNA

You may have read my last article on why you should give “they” a chance. And my opinion on that has not changed.

TNA have recently introduced a new show; ReACTION. My understanding was that they were going to use this show to air promos and reaction from iMPACT! Not only has TNA started putting the end of iMPACT! ON ReACTION which is a terrible idea, but they’ve also started having iMPACT! full of promos. I’m fully aware that storylines need promos to build them up, but the latest episode of iMPACT! was quite frankly pathetic.

I liked the first promo but putting Fortune and The Immortals (do they actually have a proper stable name yet?) together was an interesting one. Who will oppose them? Obviously EV2.0 will be a part of that and possibly Pope with whomever he decides to recruit but it does seem an awfully large stable.

It was over an hour into the broadcast until we actually saw a wrestling match, although it didn’t really deserve to be called that.

Seeing as I’m from the UK, I don’t know anything about this Jersey Shore thing, nor do I like The Shore team in TNA. The decision to pay Jwoww or whatever her name is, $15k to appear on one episode of iMPACT! seems like water down the drain to me, but it seems to be drumming some sort of media interest. I also think they said that Jersey Shore started at 10 and iMPACT! starts at 9 so Jersey Shore fans won’t be tuning into TNA anyway.

Abyss vs. Samoa Joe was a non entity. Abyss is still ruining matches with DQs, I really hope they stop doing that now that he isn’t teasing the revealing of “they” anymore. No idea what they’re doing with Joe, so much wasted talent. I have a feeling that he’ll unite with Pope to confront Fortune and The Immortals.

I did like Jarrett and Angle’s promo; it had a lot of heart and it felt real, which it obviously is. I think these two can put on a really good feud and I’m sure Angle will bring out the best Jarrett has left in the ring.

The main event could have been decent, but with the interference of Hardy, it amounted to nothing. I know that The Immortals are supposed to rule TNA now and do what they want, but I hope they don’t become the nWo in the sense of taking over the company and making the other guys take a back seat.

I know Bischoff and Hogan will claim they’re doing something right when they see the 1.41 rating, the highest since January, but the hype over Bound For Glory made the rating look better than it did. No real wrestling match until a good 75 minutes into the broadcast and all the matches were easily forgettable.

I realise that they have a few storylines that are developing and require promo time, but why don’t they use ReACTION or better still, build feuds with wrestling matches. I just hope the feeling of disappointment isn’t apparent after every iMPACT!