La Dinastia: Alberto Del Rio Should Have His Own Stable

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2010

Alberto Del Rio.

Already this name is becoming famous in the world of sports. The once masked luchadore from Mexico, has made his impact felt, and felt immediately. Putting Rey Mysterio (briefly) and Christian on the shelf, has signalled the arrival of the "Mexican JBL."

However the WWE seems to want to slow burn Del Rio to the top and I have no problem with that. Rather than shoot him to the moon too fast WWE wants to ensure that Del Rio can perform the WWE style consistently, something that has plagued many luchadore's in transition for years. If he can do so he could be a champion as early as the middle of next year.

However I feel that if he proves himself (and he has already shown he knows how to play the part tremendously) the WWE shouldn't stop at just giving Alberto a title. They should let him rule the (WWE) Universe. How? By naming him the leader of the new dominant stable in the WWE.

La Dinastia (The Dynasty).

Alberto has based his character on the fact that he is not a stereotype Mexican. He's rich, cultured, and powerful. Imagine if they built a stable around this idea. A group of Latin descent wrestlers who are tired of being labeled a certain way in America. They want to be the most powerful group in WWE. and the want to bring glory back to Mexico in the process.

It's not a new idea, but by making it the Latin demographic it suddenly becomes something we have never seen before, something fresh and new. It would jump start the Smackdown brand and could bring in even more Hispanic fans in droves whether to boo or cheer these new breeds of Latinos.

And WWE already has several componets that could fit into the stable. #1 is of course Del Rio himself, the fearless and proud leader. He would be a perfect fit for such a group.

#2. Ricardo Rodriguez-He is a trained wrestler. Why I don't think he should wrestle, it wouldn't hurt to mention this to note the fact that he could be a threat at ringside. I think in a stable Ricardo could become not just the groups ring announcer, but he could also take on a multitude of roles. their training partner, their manager, or even their spanish translator.

I imagined him playing the same sort of role that Davairi played to Muhammed Hassan. Instead of cutting promos in English he cuts them in spanish. Del Rio can translate what he says to the english speaking audience or vice versa. It works and would get great heel heat.

#3-Los Aviadores-It seemed not long ago that Los Aviadores were going to be called up to the main roster. However backstage politics reared their head and it's possible that in the near future they may not even be a team anymore. This is a shame as I thinkt hey are a great tag team, and a unique one as well. I can't remember the last time a masked luchadore team was in WWE.

I think La Dinastia could be just the ticket for WWE to use Los Aviadores. Stand them by Del Rio as his pupils and students of the game and they can benefit each other. WWE needs a new exciting tag team and these guys could be it. The fact that they would be part of a huge storyline stable would just be icing on the cake.

#4-A female Talent. I just don't see La Dinastia being complete without a female talent in the group to escort Mr. Del Rio down to the ring. Of course she would be more than just eye candy and would be a full time wrestler. With WWE sending down talent calls to Mexico it could only be a matter of time before they stumble on a great Latin female talent.

Of course they could just try to poach Sarita from TNA, but she doesn't seem to have interest in them. Who knows, but a strong Latin female talent in WWE is overdue. What better way to bring one in than with La Dinastia?

#5-Intangibles- Del Rio is rich and I would like to see that played up more in him hiring private security, or getting "favors" from individuals in the wrestling world. This doesn't have to translate to him being a chicken**** heel. They could say that he gets these things not because he has to, but because he can.

Having a Latin stable in WWE would not just be extremely entertaining, but if early reports are any indication it would be beneficial for business as well. Word out of Mexico is that WWE's recent tour was a dissapointment.

This is an indication that the WWE needs to shake up their rosters to include some great new Latin talent. A huge heel stable in WWE could be just the draw they need the next time they role through Mexico. Either crowds will come to see them succeed, or come to see them get murdered, the point is people would still come to see them.

I am extremely excited about the direction that Alberto Del Rio seems to be taking. The man just has to much talent to be tossed to the wayside or forgotten. Giving him a title might make fans take him seriously as a main eventer, but having him be the head of new stable would make them take him seriously as a true big time player for years to come.

Not to mention the doors it opens for the first true influx of Latin talent into WWE for the first time in a long time. If they ever need new members they have a whole country of talented performers to look to.

La Dinastia just feels right.