Five Picks To Replace Jerry Lawler As a Color Commentator On RAW

Omar MohamedContributor IOctober 16, 2010

Five Picks To Replace Jerry Lawler As a Color Commentator On RAW

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    Sorry, Jerry! I used to love you back then where you favored a lot of the heels and that gave you something different in your style of commentary. Now, Michael Cole is the heel commentator, but you're not as fast as in the past so you can't defend the faces on commentary quickly and thus there is some unbalance in commentary. Also, the change is always needed. Here are my five picks to replace The King on RAW ...

Josh Matthews

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    The only reason I watch Season 3 of NXT (which is horrible except for the Kaitlyn-Vickie storyline) is to hear Josh Matthews and Michael Cole commentating on the show. They have great chemistry together. Josh always knows when and how to reply to Michael Cole's opinion. He stands up for the indy-wrestlers and underrated performers which will give a different edge to the longest running episodic television show in history.

Joey Styles

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    Do I need to speak really? The man who used to call ECW shows on his own. Can you imagine the conversations between the Internet-Guy who speaks for the fans and the Miz-fangirl who is the voice of the office? This can be hilarious and very entertaining!

William Regal

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    Regal hasn't been doing much on RAW (if anything at all). He wrestles only on Superstars and it will be sad if he leaves or works as a travelling agent. He will do pretty good on commentary. Englishmen do well on the booth.

Matt Striker

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    We already know that these two can work well together. Legitimate heat or tension always works well on commentary. JR had some heat with Paul Heyman (even though Heyman did it on purpose to fire up JR). Also Matt Striker is a very intelligent man and he will know how to correct mistakes of Cole without making him look like a goof (unlike Lawler when Cole said Team WWE lost at Summerslam).

Paul Heyman

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    The Evil Scientist! The creator of ECW! If RAW is boring as hell on a night, he will make it the most exciting one! He will keep pumping you up. Due to Heyman being mostly a heel in the WWE, Cole always made fun of him. Now Cole is the heel, this would be very good!