Forget Wade Barrett; Let's Take a Look at Justin Gabriel

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 16, 2010

While The Nexus is profiled because of their belief in "overwhelming" force, the rise of Wade Barrett tends to overshadow the others, like Mr. 450 himself, Justin Gabriel.

After months of inactivity in the ring, Gabriel was put against Randy Orton and John Cena in singles competition. To everyone's surprise, he more than held his own against both, coming close to victories in both matches.

Unlike Orton and Cena, he didn't botch or mess up the endings.

He was signed by the WWE in 2008, becoming the first South African to compete for the WWE. Placed in WWE's developmental territory, FCW, he became the FCW Champion just a few months later after defeating Nexus cohort Heath Slater.

He held the title for almost eight months before dropping to Alex Riley (thanks to Wade Barrett).

All this was before he was called up to the main roster for NXT Season One. The hype surrounding Gabriel's debut was amplified when he was called the "AJ Styles" of the WWE. Even though he received the praise, he was heavily overshadowed by Bryan Danielson's participation on the show. 

But even that couldn't hold Gabriel back. With his pro Matt Hardy, he was the first rookie to pin a WWE pro in William Regal.

After numerous matches and competition wins, Gabriel came in at number three, having the best win-loss record on season one.

After the Nexus debuted on RAW, Gabriel was a prominent part of the multiple beatdowns on WWE Superstars and alumni. His 450 Splash was the exclamation mark to every attack.

With RAW's matches becoming shorter and unentertaining, Gabriel's matches are somewhat of a sigh of relief for the WWE Universe.

How much longer can the Nexus last? David Otunga is growing more and more rebellious against Wade Barrett. In a obvious sign of jealousy, Gabriel and Slater are stuck in the middle of their "soon to be feuding" members.

When Nexus is dead and gone, what's left for Justin Gabriel?

How long is it before Gabriel sets his sights on Daniel Bryan's U.S. Title? The Miz and John Morrison are out of the title picture. Sheamus is already on the Bragging Rights Card.

Why not Gabriel?

After observing his match with Orton, and Barrett's match with him, one conclusion can be drawn—he's simply better than Wade Barrett.

He brought the 450 back to prominence. When he performs the finisher, it's a thing of beauty. He has even pinned John Cena numerous times.

How many people can say they've pinned the face of the WWE cleanly? Speaking of Cena, what role will he play in the destruction of the Nexus?

Gabriel's matches with Orton and Cena will do wonders for him in the future. Though it can be debated millions of times, the idea of Justin Gabriel holding the top title doesn't seem far-fetched, but only time will tell.