Matt Hardy finally released by WWE

SlamZillaContributor IOctober 15, 2010

Finally after weeks of acting like a total nutjob, with YouTube videos and multiple Twitter posts, Matt Hardy has gotten his wish.  He is no longer employed by WWE, as earlier today he was “Future Endeavored” by the company, via its website.

    Hardy has been quoted as saying,  “Thank God! :) I swear.. It was harder for me to get released then it was to get hired!

     He also had this to say  “I wanna thank WWE for giving me an opportunity, & I thank all the people & friends that helped me there. But I HAD to move on to be happy.”

     Not a bad idea adding that last part, since you don’t really want to burn those bridges too badly.

     So, now that Matt is free of the WWE, one can only expect that after his 90 day, no compete clause runs out, that he will be joining his brother Jeff over in TNA.  And what a time to jump on board.  In case any of you missed TNA’s Bound For Glory pay per view, it would interest you to know that Jeff has turned Heel, and aligned himself with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff ( among others ) and is the new World Heavyweight Champion. 

     Of course a lot could change in the three months it will take before Matt is allowed to compete for TNA.  And yes, I am assuming that adding Matt to the roster would be a given.  It will certainly be exciting to see a Hardy Boyz reunion in 2011, even if it is a short lived one.  Either Matt could come in and immediately team with his brother, and join the new faction.  Or he could come in to help whatever group is facing Jeff and company at the time.  But whatever way they go, it will be interesting to see just how far Matt can go in TNA.  Especially since it was obvious that he was never going to be a main eventer, or World Champion as long as he stayed in WWE.

    So, I guess congratulations are in order.  Lets just hope that Matt uses his time off wisely, and gets himself in the best possible shape he can for the next chapter in is career.