Top Five Clever Topics For Guy's Girls Heading Into Week 7

Hilary LiDestriContributor IOctober 16, 2010

Top Five Clever Topics For Guy's Girls Heading Into Week 7

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    OK, So Very Clever Guy's Girls, it is time to hit upon some of the most interesting points that might come up during watching parties this weekend.  

    Whether you're hoping to engage your brothers or your dad, impress your boss and co-workers or even hit a grand slam with that fantastic new guy whose finally asked you out, you can't lose with this information.

    I'd suggest a little extra research but avoid stats at all cost. After all, 33 percent of them are incorrect.   

Iowa Is Bringing The D: Is Denard Able to Gain Confidence In The Air?

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    If the game against MSU last Saturday was any indication of Denard's depth against a strong defense, he has a tough road ahead.  

    Michigan is looking some serious defense straight in the face in the weeks to come. My advice is to avoid eye contact and look downfield for your receivers. He can be a strong passer ... we need to see it. Over. And. Over. And. Over. 

    Even if Denard can break out on the ground and do what he does best, (run the ball ... he is one hell of a scrambler and can ignite an explosive offense) UM cannot win a game on offense alone. It matters not if we hang a hundred on Iowa if they hand 102. It just doesn't matter.

    So, if we implode this weekend, RichRod had better re-evaluate his retirement plans, because they will be accelerated. It's not looking good for him.

Nebraska Is Going to Open a Six Pack of Whoop Ass on UT This Weekend, Unless...

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    The University of Texas needed to make the most of their bye last week and come back an entirely different team. Despite some strength on defense, UT is simply not putting up the numbers necessary to complete with Taylor Martinez's hard-charging offense.  

    Garrett needs more confidence in the air and his o-line (offensive line) needs to provide him a strong pocket and protect him while he assesses what is happening downfield. Granted, there isn't a lot of talent downfield ... and that is problematic.

    Taylor can (and will) crack the top five in the Heisman Pundit Poll (Clever Girls- the Heisman Pundit Poll is a vote of 13 of the normal Heisman voting committee) this week when they trounce UT.

    I'm going to admit, I'm not happy about this at all, but it's a grudge match for Nebraska after they were defeated last December and denied the Big 12 Championship win. They are coming in, guns blazing. 

    As an added note, Mack Brown has got to be sweating it a bit. This will be the first time UT has dropped three games in a row in regular season play.  

Week Seven Is Going to Change The Heisman Rankings Big Time

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    OK, Clever Girls- this is the way it stands according to the Heisman Pundit Poll:

    1. Denard Robinson

    2. Kellen Moore (Boise State)

    3. LaMichael James (Oregon) is tied with Kellen Moore, but Oregon is on a bye

    4. Terrelle Pryor (Ohio State)

    5. Cameron Newton (Auburn) has a great shot to move up with a decisive win against the Hogs

    7. Taylor Martinez (Nebraska)


    The top games this weekend will define the Heisman rankings for next week and sadly, I predict they will be So Very Different.

    I fear Denard's head will no longer be heavy with a crown. Taylor Martinez is going to elevate. Terrelle Pryor is going up. Kellan Moore will stay up and LaMichael, due to the bye, will be under Kellan.  

    Obviously, this is not to my liking. I am hoping Michigan can deepen their offense and continue to perform (the emotion of the MSU game aside).

    As I said last week, UM has never had a Heisman-winning quarterback; Jim Harbaugh was outvoted by Vinny Testaverde.

    This is not an opportunity that should be taken for granted. Support him with your defense!!!!

Terrelle Pryor Is Ready to Help Keep OSU on the Path to The Big 10 Championship

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    In the last ten matchups between Ohio State University and Wisconsin, the largest margin of victory belongs to Wisconsin.

    It isn't ever a blowout, as these teams are traditionally pretty well-matched, though OSU has one more victory at six. This is unpredictable despite the immensely capable Ohio State team.  

    The advantage is on the side of OSU as the stronger team and I could sit here and spew stats all day that will mean nothing other than the fact that tomorrow is it's own game: veteran players and new players. Let's see what happens.  

    OSU dropping this game would level the Big Ten playing field and make UM's loss less significant.  

The Texas Rangers Open Their Playoff Series Against The New York Yankees

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    OK, Clever Girls, I know baseball is a little off topic, but a huge series begins on the eve of Week 7 college football and deserves mention.

    The playoff odds are stacked against the Rangers, but they WANT this.  They just completed their first playoff series ever and are now taking on the Titanic New York Rangers. These are going to be amazing games, ladies.  

    If you like baseball, even a little, invite the guys to watch at your place, prepare some fantastic game night food (find recipes at and enjoy all the compliments that go hand-in-hand with being a gracious hostess and fantastic cook.  

    If you don't like to watch baseball or cook, head to Hooters for some wings and load up a cooler (or the fridge) with beer. Catch up on the shows you've recorded on TiVo and make regular passes through the media room to pass out ice-cold beers and pull out more food.  You will be the MVP of the night, guaranteed.  

    If you don't want to hang with the guys at all, head out and catch up with the girls. Unload all that girl talk you've been dying to share.

    If you are asked out to watch any of the games mentioned in this article, brush up a bit and be ready to generate some honest dialogue with the guys.  

    If you get stuck, say "Great point," "Do you prefer Jeter?" "Who is your pick for Heisman?" "I totally agree." Charming. Have a fantastic weekend.  

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