Source: Heat Told Iverson To Prove Himself Overseas Before He Can Join The Heat

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Source: Heat Told Iverson To Prove Himself Overseas Before He Can Join The Heat

 A source in the Miami Heat organization has told me that the club contacted Allen Iverson about 2 weeks after LeBron James signed with the team to play point guard for them but Pat Riley was worried about the shape Iverson is in. They did not want a Allen Iverson in retired shape and did not want to bring him in for a workout or give him a training camp invite because Riley has too much respect for Iverson to have to cut him even if he can't perform. So the Heat told Iverson to workout all off season(which he reportedly did) and they said if he can't get an offer from the NBA then go play overseas and if he can prove himself the Heat will bring him in mid-season. This source is very legitimate and this situations make a whole lot of sense. 

The Heat who have three superstars in LeBron, Wade and Bosh wouldn't worry about Iverson ruining the chemistry or being a caner because a 35 year old Allen Iverson would not have the nerve to destroy a team which can go on to win multiple championships and at this stage of his career he knows LeBron and Wade are much better players then him. 

The Heat need a veteran point guard who can bring that winning attitude and can win the team a game if things aren't going well for the big 3 and a guy who can hit clutch shots and Iverson would be perfect for that role. Mario Chalmers who is projected as the starting PG for the Heat is not the right fit for this team, as a matter of fact Iverson's worst year in the league last year was better then Chalmers. 

Iverson played a very team oriented game last year in Philadelphia and that was in a Princeton offense, he passed more then he shot (career low 10 shots per game) and he rarely dominated the ball. Iverson still managed to put up 14 ppg and 4 apg, imagine the impact he could have in the Heat system with LeBron, Wade and Bosh. Iverson could give the Heat 15 ppg and 7 apg in just 30 mpg, he would have open looks all game and if you watched the Sixers play last season Iverson can hit the jumper when open.

Now all Iverson has to do is prove hes in NBA shape in Turkey, this explains why Iverson isn't letting the team fine him over 1% of the salary and is demanding a luxury car, a villa and a payment every week, it is pretty sad but yes Iverson is probably planning on leaving Turkey in the middle of his season after proving he still has it then heading off to the Heat for a playoff run. 

It would be very nice to see Iverson finish his career off with a ring and the Miami move has been talked a lot this off season, Iverson who shares the same agent as LeBron James had to have talked with the Heat this off season and the Heat replied very well, all he has to do is prove himself in Turkey and probably one of the only franchises in the league that actually respecets could bring him back for a playoff run.

Maybe Turkey is the "Answer" for Allen Iverson after all. 

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