Stone Cold Steve Austin Fights Goldberg At WRESTLEMANIA 27

Evan HopeyContributor IOctober 15, 2010

I think that Stone Cold Steve Austin is coming back for just one more match. But JUST ONE more though. But who will his opponent be? Hmmmmmmmmm…………

Perhaps Goldberg could fight Steve Austin at WRESTLEMANIA 27 in Atlanta, the place where Goldberg is currently living. But if they were going to have a match together, they’d have to train again and get back in shape.

There are some reasons why this match may not happen though. Stone Cold has gotten older, and ummmmm………… a …………………… Steve Austin may be worried about braking his neck again. This might make him not want to fight. And if they DO want to fight (which I think we all know the answer to) the fans would like to see it. In my opinion I think they should. (And if you think they should, feel free to say so).

But what kind of match should it be? Again I think WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you guessed singles regular match, than I agree with you. Here’s one way I think they could make this feud begin: Stone Cold comes out with his theme song and blah blah blah…………. And once he’s in the ring he says that he has a message to WWE. And he says "I’m the BESTTTTT bald, bearded WRESTLER EVERRRRRRRRRRR!"

Then Michael Cole murmurs to Jerry Lawler " Maybe, but probably not as good as Goldberg though." Then Austin dashes outside the ring and grabs Michael by the trench coat and hauls him into the ring. He freaks out and screams at Michael. He says: " MICHAEL, YOU THINK THAT STUPID FAT RETARDED FOOL GOLDBERG CAN BEAT ME! WELL BRING THAT MONKEY GOLDBUTT OUT HERE!"

Then Goldberg’s music shoots up and then comes GOLDBERG!!!!!!!!!!!!! He then challenges Stone Cold Steve Austin to a match at WRESTLEMANIA 27.A regular, boring old singles match. And at WRESTLEMANIA 27, after everything like entrances, poses, smoke out of Goldberg’s nose, they fight.

Now the moves aren’t something I’m going to type because nobody knows what they could do. But in the end nobody should win the match. They are in their forty’s and they are retired from wrestling. It could possibly be a double count out because of a top rope move (leaving both wrestlers unable to beat the count back into the ring after having received some move). Or a disqualification (being hit in the head with a chair, or perhaps being hit with a sledgehammer).

So as you can see a fight with STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN VS GOLDBERG awaits!