BEST WWE MATCHES OF 2008 - What matches you must see!

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BEST WWE MATCHES OF 2008 - What matches you must see!

WWE No Way Out

SmackDown/ECW Elimination Chamber

Undertaker Vs Big Daddy V Vs The Great Khali Vs MVP VS Finley Vs Batista

The Undertaker put on a show in this match and the finish was one of the coolest ways a tombstone has ever come about in a match. Must See! especially if you are a fan of the elimination chamber.

Raw 3/10/08

Intercontinental Championship Title Match

Jeff Hardy Vs Y2J

Great IC match Must See! I really enjoyed it and it stuck in my head.

Wrestlemania 24

Raw Career Threatening Match

Ric Flair Vs HBK

The career of a lifetime, two technically sound wrestlers, and the biggest stage of them all equals EPIC! It had all the ingredients to a good match and was very emotional.

WWE One Night Stand

SmackDown TLC Match

Undertaker VS Edge

The Feud Build up was starting to get stale so adding a stipulation match only made sense. The master of the TLC match edge puts up one hell of a fight against the deadman! Watch it!

The Great American Bash

SmackDown  U.S. Championship Title Match

Matt Hardy (c) Vs Shelton Benjamin

This was just a great match that I really enjoyed. I believe a true WWE fan would agree. Watch it and comment if you really don't think it is a great match.


Raw Singles Match

John Cena Vs Batista

The First time these two square off in the ring and it did not dissapoint. The crowd was hot for both wrestlers and really into the match. Cena and Batista both showed their athleticism and strength in a match that really out did itself in many fans eyes.


Smackdown Hell In A Cell

Edge Vs The Undertaker

An amazing Hell in The Cell match. 8 chair shots, 3 broken tables, 1 broken announce table, 2 ladders, and Fire enough said but also 2 of the best WWE wrestlers that have ever lived.

I am sure I forgot some really good matches however these are what first came to mind and these are what I believe the best matches of 2008 are so far. There may be one or two more matches I forgot and hopefully many more to come.

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