Dear Michigan Fans: Good Luck with Rich Rodriguez

Bill DowSenior Analyst IDecember 16, 2007

IconIt's January 2009. Rich Rodriguez and the Wolverines are in the middle of the Rose Bowl, with tickertape flying and getting in the sweaty hair of all the Michigan players who have captured the NCAA National Championship.

Who are we kidding?

The addition of Rich Rodriguez will do little to help this Michigan Wolverine team. Let's look at his rap sheet.


His Records

Although he has been positive and helped lead his West Virginia team to high levels, let’s not forget that the team plays in the Big East Conference, among the mighty Rutgers University, University of Louisville, and the University of Pittsburgh.

It might seem fitting that the Mountaineers are the 2007 Conference Champions with a 10-2 record, but in 2003 and 2004, Rodriguez and the boys had five and four losses respectively. That might have been pre-Steve Slaton and Pat White, but better opponents will be in abundance when they step into Ohio Stadium.

This two-year stretch also brings up the point of how mediocre the Mountaineers were when there were good teams around them. Take for example when teams like Pittsburgh had Larry Fitzgerald, or at other points where teams made this Conference look half-decent, the Mountaineers weren't great as they may seem now.


His Recruiting

To Rodriguez’ credit, he has recruited talented players. Heck, this year, he received a soft verbal from the number-one rated guard in the country. And with a record like they have, he should be bringing in quite a few other top recruits, right?

Wrong. According to, this is WVU's only five-star commit, and there are only two four-star commits to back that up. More recruits are sure to sign on soon, but even the lousy Washington Huskies have received more commitments this year.

To Rodriguez’ credit, he won’t have a hard time getting blue-chip recruits while coaching in Ann Arbor, but it isn’t as if he has a stellar background going into the role. And let’s not forget that Michigan’s top rival, Ohio State, has just as good of a chance at getting these recruits—if not better. The Buckeyes already have four five-star caliber player coming into Columbus this year.


His Indecency

This is where the true criticisms begin. I am not a West Virginia fan. I am barely a college football fan. Bur Rodriguez's Petrino-like style of quitting makes me absolutely sick.

Rich Rodriguez plans to leave his team without a coach for the Fiesta Bowl, angering many West Virginia fans. This man had coached this team to great heights, and he plans on abandoning his team in favor of donning the same colors with a new check in his hand.

Mr. Rich Rodriguez, may I remind you that your new $2.5 million dollar contract will do little to salvage the dignity you have lost by leaving your team helpless, right before they are about to play one of the biggest football games of their lives?

But go Wolverines, right?