Where in the World Is Branislav Ivanovic?

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Where in the World Is Branislav Ivanovic?

Branislav Ivanovic.  The man, the myth, the legend.  Does he exist?  If so, where is he?

After extensive research through piles of files and news clippings and thousands of MySpace pages, I finally found him. Here's the scoop...

Ivanovic was born in Sremka Mitrovica on February 22, 1984. He supposedly plays football in West London for a team named Chelsea. From info I have uncovered, he was purchased by the club for £10 million from Lokomotiv Moscow in January of this year.

So why was it so hard to track him down? 

Stats wise he doesn't exist. In fact, he hasn't played one game for Chelsea since his transfer.

Finding him was made even harder due to the fact that he is piled below tons of talent.  With names like John Terry, Ricardo Carvalho, Alex, Paulo Ferreira, Ashley Cole, Jose Bosingwa, and Wayne Bridge on top of said pile, Ivanovic simply disappeared.

Not that the people I have identified don't deserve to be on top.  Each is linked to top international teams, and one of the names is actually a captain of his country's team.

So, does he have a right to be unhappy? Yes!

As do we the fans. We want to see cups, league titles, and all the glory Europe has to offer. 

I understand the reason why he may not start. I also understand a bad business move when I see one.

Why pay so much for someone, and never use them? No normal person would do this. A billionaire would, though.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the owner's fault. The coaches ultimately reserve the right to pick the starting XI. So what is going on that he is continually left out of the mix?

This is a fresh team in big games, wins, cups, and league titles.  The international players on this squad play tons of games each year.  Traveling from country to country supporting their...country? Then back to play a half meaningless game versus Stoke or Hull city.  Why not let the boy play in some of those games?

If he is sent to AC Milan, then the team has done him and the fans a tremendous injustice. Not that Milan is not worthy of him—quite the contrary. They could make a great player out of him, and whenever they get back to the Champions League we will feel his wrath.

So I hope the words from management are true, and he is part of their long-term plans.  If not, more young talent will slip away from the EPL.

He obviously has something in the tank, or it would not have taken £10 million to get him. 

Having talent is good but having a lot of talent is better by far.

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