New York Giants vs Detroit Lions Preview: Giants To Open Up the Arial Attack?

James ClimitContributor IOctober 15, 2010

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The Giants are starting to piece together the puzzle and are ready to prove themselves among the top of the NFC. But to do that, they must beat the underachieving Lions, standing in their path at 1-4. Though they're 1-4, the Giants cannot underestimate the Lions, who play far better than their record states.

They lost to the Bears on a questionable call by the ref, lost to the Packers by two, and the Eagles by three. The Lions are among the top in points, having put up 44 points on a Steve Spagnolo defense, and are ready to do the same on the GMEN, if they aren’t careful. The message for this week, don’t sleep on the Lions or they will eat you alive.



Suh Vs. Koets

Suh is a stud; he is without a doubt the Lions best defensive player and maybe even their most talented player. Koets on the other hand, as of now is the Giants' weakest link on offense. If Suh can exploit this match up and control the line of scrimmage, making plays in the backfield and pressuring Eli, the chances for an upset immediately jumpstart.

Johnson Vs. Webster

Johnson is one of the best receivers in the game, and to neutralize the Lions offense, the Giants must shut down Johnson. Webster and the Giants, neutralized talented receivers in the past few weeks, should have no problem doing the same now.


Keys for the Giants

Shut down Johnson

Just as they shut down Andre Johnson, this week they must shut down Calvin. He is one of the better receivers, and if unaccounted for is capable of making some game changing plays.

Don’t turn the ball over

The Giants turn the ball over too much, and I know I’ve made this point many times, but mistakes like turnovers change the outcome of games.

Play Giant Football

In the past two weeks, the Giants have gone back to the Giant football, which in fact may be why they have been so successful. Pound the ball down the opponent’s throat, play tough, physical defense, and control the lines of scrimmages and maybe things will turn out like '07.


Keys for the Lions

Protect Hill

In the past two weeks, the Giants have gotten 14 sacks, and the Lions' pass blocking is abysmal. Unless the Lions want to put in their third string QB like the Bears did, and throw away a chance at the game, they need to be able to protect their QB.

Slow down the G-Men air attack

The Giants have had one of the best passing games in football in these recent weeks. To shut down the Giant offense they must slow down the passing game, because as of now, they are not a good enough team to get into a shootout.


When playing a team that just outclasses the other in all facets, like this game, it is critical for the underdog to capitalize on every opportunity they get, to get a shot at the game. The Giants did it against the Pats, its definitely possible. For the same to happen with the Lions, they must win the turnover margin, get big plays and win the red zone to win the game.


Giants Offense vs Lions Defense

This week, the Giants have it easy on offense, playing the Lions who have as weak a secondary as any. Like the past few weeks, it is likely they will just open up their Arial attack, and pass to Nicks, Smith and Manningham, until the Lions make them run. This is a huge advantage for the Giants and should easily score 30-plus points.

Controlling the line of scrimmage though is another story; the Giants Achilles heel (O-line) goes up against Lions best unit, their D-line. The Lions will likely control the line of scrimmage and make it tougher for the Giants to run the ball.


Lions Offense vs Giants Defense

Here is the battle of the day, where the Lions' fifth-best point scoring offense, faces the Giant’s new defense, currently ranking first overall. The Lions running game is led by speedster Jahvid Best, who like Reggie Bush, is not a between the tackles type guy. Going against the Giants front four, it is unlikely we will see any production, since this is the same front four that singlehandedly slowed down CJ2K.

Passing will likely end up the same way for the lions that take on the top pass defense. The Giants front four comes fast and will likely abuse Hill, who has the worst protection the Giants, have faced this season. If he is somehow able to find or make time, he will be looking for Johnson who will be matched up against Webster and Thomas.



This game should be an easy one for the Giants, because they can easily outplay the Lions in all parts of the game. I see the Giants dominating and winning 35-7.


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