One Thing I Hate About Every Philadelphia Flyer

Nelson SantosCorrespondent IAugust 19, 2008

I've written enough articles for most members to realize I'm a Flyers fan. But I believe even the most loyal fan sees things that irk them about players on their favourite team.

I'm here to point out the quirks and tendencies that have me yelling at my TV screen when watching the Flyers' forwards.

Jeff Carter is first one my list. The kid is big, long, and strong, yet his favourite move is that outside snapper that he'll use from as far out as the side boards above the face off circle. "JEFF, YOU'VE GOT SIZE, SPEED, STRENGTH AND REACH. DRIVE TO THE NET ON THE OUTSIDE. FORCE THE DEFENDER TO TAKE YOU DOWN!"

Joffrey Lupul can shoot the puck like no one's business, but elects to hang on to it until the shot is gone and a miracle pass is needed."JOFFREY, YOU'RE PAID TO SCORE. GOT IT? FIRE IT!"

Scott Hartnell is one of the toughest players in the league. But boy, does he cover a lot of ice on the fore-check. "SCOTTY, THE SHORTEST PATH BETWEEN TWO POINTS IS A STRAIGHT LINE!"

Danny Briere is as offensively gifted as they come and could knock a pea out of the air in the dark with his stick blade, yet he only seems to win draws on the PP. "DANNY, PUCK POSSESSION IS AS IMPORTANT AT EVEN STRENGTH AS IT IS WITH THE MAN ADVANTAGE!"

Mike Knuble is a large and strong individual and can battle along the boards for an eternity it appears—unfortunately, an eternity is how much time he spends there. "MIKEY, YOU GOTTA EVENTUALLY BRING THE PUCK TO WHERE YOUR TEAMMATES CAN DO SOMETHING WITH IT!"

Scottie Upshall is a dynamo. He's in your face and he's anywhere the puck is. But he's blind to all around him looking for that big hit. "SCOTTIE, LOOK AROUND—THE PUCK IS LOOSE. YOU NEED THAT TO SCORE WITH!"

Steve Downie will be the best agitator in the league someday. Personally, I think his most valuable asset will be his skill level. He's gonna surprise the NHL with his point totals, but until then he needs to stop blindly making five-foot passes just inside his own blueline. "STEVIE, HAVE A LOOK AND GET IT OUT!"

Next time you watch a Flyer game, see if you notice these tendencies. If and when you do, let me know if you find them nearly as frustrating as I do.

Gagne and Richards were left off the list because to date neither player ever does anything wrong more than once. At least not in my opinion.