Nationals: Washington Nationals Offseason To-Do List

Dwight Townsend-GrayContributor IOctober 14, 2010

WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 24:  Adam Dunn #44 of the Washington Nationals hits a home run in the second inning against the Atlanta Braves at Nationals Park on September 24, 2010 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals improved by 10 games to a 69 win campaign in 2010, earning their coaching staff asll extensions. As good as the Nats improvement was, this is a team that arguable should have been .500 this season. Work has to be done.


1. Sign Adam Dunn. 3 years, club option 4th year. 45 million dollars.
               Is his defense great, no, but its average. He is a great clubhouse presence, team leader, and oh yeah he holds RECORDS for his POWER consitency. Anyone else in the league hit for 38+ HR and 100+ RBI for the past 7 seasons, nope. Anyone hit 20+ HR every year in proffesional baseball over the last decade. Nope. There is not another 38+ HR and 100+ BI guy out on the market or in our system, and Dunn wants to stay. YOu cannot start from scratch every year, as a GM you build on pieces. DUnn fills the 1B, 4 hole, Power threat, protect ZMan hole. He will also have Josh Willingham behind him again next year.

2. Send Nyjer Morgan back to minor league hockey
         He blew all 10,000 chances the Nats gave him this year, time to wave bye bye.

3. Hand Cliff Lee a blank check.

4. Compete for Jayson Werth.

5. Fir Bill Ladson 

My ideal team for next year is

Batting Order:
Bernadina CF
Desmond SS
Zimmerman 3B
Dunn 1B
Willingham LF
Werth RF
Espinosa 2B
Catcher (Ramos or Pudge)

1. Cliff Lee
2. John Lannan
3. Livan Hernandez
4. Jordon Zimmermann
5. JAson Marquis

Clippard- SU
Burnett- L CL