Who Is The Next HHH Or Undertaker? Analyzing WWE's Young Stars and Their Ability

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent IOctober 14, 2010

Who Is The Next HHH Or Undertaker? Analyzing WWE's Young Stars and Their Ability

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    For years now in WWE, guys like Orton, HBK, HHH, Batista, Mysterio, Edge, Cena, Jericho and Taker have been dominating the main event scene on both brands and have drawn millions of dollars for WWE PPVs.

    Consider that Taker’s getting old now and is not looking like the man he was at WM25 when he put on the match of what was in my mind the match of the decade.

    HBK and Batista are gone and do not look like they are returning any time soon.

    HHH has several injuries and there is no indication on his date of return. Mysterio also has picked up a couple of injuries as of late and is need of surgery.

    Jericho has left WWE for a while so he can tour with his band (Fozzy). His age has to be a concern and has been jobbing to JoMo and Evan Bourne.

    Edge has recently torn Achilles tendon and returned prematurely, and on top of that his feud with Orton only lasted a month and a bit. There are several rumours surrounding his health.

    Cena and Orton have been on top of their game and have built up of plenty of injuries. They deserve and maybe in need of a rest. Orton in particular has had a shoulder problem.

    I think it is very fair to say a lot of the younger guys really need to step it up a notch.

    Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, and JoMo have all looked really strong recently.

    Whilst other talented younger stars like Jack Swagger, Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, and Ted DiBiase have been lacking a win and even presence in a match.

    Let's analyze these guys...


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    The Celtic Warrior won a title in his very first singles match at a PPV in a table match against WWE’s golden boy, John Cena.

    Now, when you hear that, you expect that Sheamus is an amazing undefeated Goldberg WCW type guy but oh no WWE has built Sheamus totally different.

    Sheamus is very lucky to have had two WWE title’s around his waist and even more lucky to be in the “A-Show’s” main-event scene.

    Sheamus has got DQ wins against the likes of Orton and Cena and was again LUCKY to beat John Morrison recently on RAW.

    In the past he has beaten Cena in a tables match, won two World Titles in quick succession.

    He dominated HHH in a no holds barred match and retired former Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble.

    Sheamus also has brilliant aggression and improving move-set and mic skills, so hopefully Sheamus’ future is bright; I am a huge fan of his.

    Despite beating a few big guys by DQ he has also got clean victories against the likes of Daniel Bryan, John Cena, and Kane.

Alberto Del Rio

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    After injuring Mysterio, beating Matt Hardy and intimidating The Big Show and Christian, Del Rio has instantly become a huge heel in WWE.

    He has good mic skills and is very good in the ring, If that's not enough, he also has got a good amateur background.

    WWE should really have Del Rio feuding with Taker after hes done with Kane and just hope the World title is involved because the sooner it happens the better it will be.

    Del Rio will bring a new arsenal of maneuvers and it will be interesting to see how Taker would deal with it.

    Alberto Del Rio has been a breath of fresh air on SmackDown and has made stars like Matt Hardy, Mysterio and Christian look really weak.

    What is next for the Mexican star since his feud against Mysterio is thought to be over?

Dolph Ziggler

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    Dolph Ziggler, WWE’s latest Intercontinental Champion has been on a roll defeating Kingston, MVP and Chris Masters.

    I would be delighted if more established stars like Mysterio, Edge or Big Show challenged Ziggler for his precious title as it would be interesting to see how the WWE creative staff would allow Ziggler's character to evolve.

    They may not have been clean victories, but a win is a win for egomaniac Dolph Ziggler.

    Dolph has been WWE’s,most improved star and his mic skills have been improving greatly along with his in-ring skills.

    If what occurred last week on SmackDown was a sign of thing to come, then Dolph Ziggler will be doing the dirt on his girlfriend (Vickie Guerrero) with her NXT rookie (Kaitlyn).

Jack Swagger

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    A couple of months ago at Extreme Rules when Swagger gained a clean victory on Randy Orton, did any one else think we were going to be in for an excellent, long title run?

    But NO...

    Swagger was dominated by Show and eventually lost the title to Rey Mysterio, "The Ultimate Underdog."

    Swagger's title reign was one of the worst booked title runs in WWE history, and in a current Era where good wrestlers are very limited, WWE should not waste his talent.

    After his title, reign he entered a feud where he was getting the upper-hand on MVP.

    And currently he is in a feud against Edge and despite losing both matches, he is looking rather strong and his mic skills continue to impress me.

Daniel Bryan

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    The American Dragon, Daniel Bryan, has been in incredible form on Monday Night RAW.

    Defeating Miz, Morrison, Edge and despite losing to Sheamus, he looked very strong and highly impressive.

    At the moment, Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world and his US Title run has been a huge success and has brought a lot of prestige to the secondary title.

    As for a No. 1 contender, it is unknown, but I would love to see Sheamus vs. Bryan for the title but considering Sheamus is on the team for Bragging Rights, it is highly doubtful.

    Bryan Danielson is a brilliant competitor and I believe this time next year, we will be treated to a World Title run and I would love to see a Jericho vs. Bryan match; it would be epic.

Wade Barrett

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    The No. 1 contender is having a marvelous couple of months now in WWE.

    It all started a couple of months ago when he won NXT Season 1. Since then, he has pinned some of the greatest talent WWE has to offer and has been enrolled in one of WWE's biggest storylines of the century.

    Barrett is excellent on the mic and has the right look and of course size to succeed in the wrestling industry. He has gained some brilliant heel heat over the last few months due to the Nexus storyline.

    Barrett has claimed two pinfalls over John Cena and also has pinfall victories against Jericho and Mark Henry. He also pinned Orton and Daniel in tag team action.

    Wade Barrett brings something different to WWE and continues to impress, which will eventually lead to a World Title run.

John Morrison

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    John Morrison has claimed success over stars like CM Punk and Chris Jericho, as well as claiming success in the Tag Team division and as an Intercontinental Champion.

    Morrison impressed the most in 2009 with brilliant results against Punk, Kane, and Rey Mysterio. In that time, he also gained the IC Title and plenty of fans within the WWE Universe and of course in the IWC.

    It is beyond me how Morrison was not elevated to main event status last year. He really should have been when he was in amazing form but we can hope it is coming rather soon.

    After beating the company's first-ever undisputed World Champion and advancing to the RAW Bragging Rights team, one can't stop but think it just may be coming...

Justin Gabriel

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    I love seeing foreign superstars doing well in WWE and it proves that any athlete worldwide can make it in the business.

    I really thought the South African superstar was going to win NXT Season 1 mainly due to the fact that Hardy was his mentor and Hardy is so over with any crowd.

    If anyone has gained from this Nexus storyline, it is definitely Gabriel.

    They make such a big deal out of his 450 Splash that it makes it even more an epic maneuver.

    His mic skills may hold him back in WWE as it held other superstars back like Rob van Dam and Shelton Benjamin.

    I would love to see Gabriel challenge Bryan for the title to give him a little bit more exposure away from the whole Nexus storyline.

The Miz

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    This superstar reminds me of a young Chris Jericho.

    His mic skills are amazing, and WWE have cleverly created a big star in this man.

    WWE would never have let Miz pin Cena or have him attack Edge if they did not have big plans for the Awesome one.

    I love the way WWE waited before they allowed Miz to cash in his contract. In my opinion, Swagger and Kane did so, too early.

    The Miz was a brilliant Tag Team Champion and a Good US Champ (whenever he decided to defend it) and I think he will make an AWESOME World Champ.

    I would love to see him make a face turn by cashing it in on Kane; that would be a good twist.

Husky Harris

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    There is something about this guy that really excites me.

    It is his look.

    He is an overweight, curly headed athlete who made a big impression in NXT.

    The Rock, John Cena and of course Shawn Michaels had women loving their perfect looks and I think it would be good to have Husky as champ, who thinks he is beautiful but is not.

    How odd was it that WWE chose Cody Rhodes a vain, arrogant, handsome man to be Harris' pro?

    Someone like Big Show would have been more suited to the role!

Kofi Kingston

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    The best mid-carder currently in WWE is without doubt Kofi Kingston.

    The former US and IC Champion should have been in the main event scene last year when he was in an amazing feud with Orton that really allowed us to witness the expansion of the character.

    The expansion I am talking about is the aggressive side we seen as he also feuded with Dolph Ziggler.

    Now is the perfect time for WWE to have Kingston blossom in to the true superstar he really is.

    I expect at Bragging Rights Kingston will be named as a member of team SmackDown and WWE should use this chance to have Kofi be the soul survivor and this would be something to build on.

    Kingston is very talented and gave us what was in mind the best match this year against Christian in the final of a tournament to see who would be the next IC Champion.

    Kofi won this match and went on to win the title.

Zack Ryder

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    On ECW, when Ryder forced Tommy Dreamer to leave WWE, I was really excited as he went on a hot run and defeated The Hurricane and Yoshi Tatsu.

    I really expected him to win the ECW, Title but it did not happen due to the closure of the franchise.

    On RAW, Ryder has done nothing exciting and has been made a joke out of by Ashton Kutcher and Johnny Knoxville.

    On RAW, Ryder has lost to Santino Marella. Now come on, really?

    I think Ryder needs to get back in the Tag Team division maybe without someone like Primo or maybe Curt Hawkins who have had experience in the division and are seen to be allies of Ryder.

Shad Gaspard

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    The forgotten about power house.

    Shad is an animal and he proved that on Superstars before re-joining the roster on FCW.

    On Superstars, Shad beat stars like JTG, Goldust, and Matt Hardy.

    Shad was a victim of very poor booking when he lost to his once-best friend JTG in a disappointing Strap Match.

    Strap Match: One of the worst kind of matches in Pro Wrestling history.

    Shad was sent back to FCW to improve on his in-ring skills; hopefully he returns to SmackDown and make a big impression as a monstrous heel.

Ted DiBiase Jr.

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    WWE can do a lot with this character and I am so disappointed that they did not.

    He could buy a championship or an entire show like Superstars and make it his own.

    Ted has good mic skills and a good aggressive side but he needs a lot more practice before he will look like a main-event standard athlete.

    I love his hook-up with Maryse, the ultimate heel Diva this a bad thing by becoming a gold digger. Again, an angle that WWE have not explored that could be a major hit.

    There were talks of DiBiase getting his own stable with his younger brother Bret that would be entertaining to see and also something to elevate Bret to WWE's main roster.

    Bret got an injury in the middle of these talks and due to that reason, the rumours suddenly faded. 

Drew McIntyre

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    How this guy is not already a World Champion is beyond me.

    During his feud with Matt Hardy and Teddy Long, he proved to be a jerk and that is something again that WWE failed to capitalized on.

    His firing (Kayfabe) was good and his return was even better as he broke Kofi's heart by taking back his IC Title.

    The sinister Scotsman was even undefeated for ages until Taker came along and tarnished that record.

    WWE should have kept that angle going longer and maybe even had Drew defeat Taker and lead him to a World Championship.

    Would one loss against Drew McIntyre really have ruined Taker's reputation?


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    Kaval is an excellent superstar and he proved that in TNA, ROH and on NXT.

    Kaval has sadly lost three matches now in a row on SmackDown and I have fares that he may end up like Christian or Gail Kim: hated by Vince for their work in TNA.

    Kaval could put on excellent matches against Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston like he has in the past against Daniels and AJ Styles.

    WWE need to elevate this guy a bit higher than his current status on the show.

    To be honest, I am not even sure what his status on the show is.

Evan Bourne

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    Bourne is an amazing superstar and one of the best gifted superstars currently in WWE.

    A lot were sure his push was coming after he pinned Sheamus in Tag Team competition whilst teaming up with Cena and shortly after that he pinned Jericho...TWICE!

    Bourne looked good this week on RAW in a match against CM Punk, but winning or losing is what is going to be remembered in a couple of months time and not how well you performed.

    Evan Bourne has not held any title yet and needs to start becoming more of a threat.

    Maybe a push to SmackDown is in order; I would love to see a Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne encounter.

    If a change of brands has helped Edge and CM Punk, then there is no reason why that would stop it from helping Evan "Air" Bourne.

Yoshi Tatsu

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    Any reader of this article who did not watch ECW when Tatsu shined probably will not know a great deal about him.

    And for those who do well... Let me refresh your memories.

    Yoshi Tatsu is a brilliant athlete who almost defeated Christian in a match for his ECW world title and also defeated names like Paul Burchill and William Regal.

    Tatsu is very neglected by the WWE, they should have him form a Tag Team.

    It is what he needs and what the WWE Tag Team Division needs.

    Something new, refreshing, young, and exciting!

Big Zeke!! Ezekiel Jackson

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    I am a massive fan of this monster.

    Ezekiel Jackson is the last-ever ECW World Champion and defeated Christian to win the gold.

    Jackson has not being buried or misused; he is recovering from an injury he picked up at a house show in a match against Primo.

    Jackson has the right size, look and aggression to take him far in the division and I for one cannot wait to see his return.

    I hope WWE revives the Ruthless Roundtable with Regal, Kozlov, and maybe Shad Gaspard or Chris Masters (heel).

    It would give any three of these men something to do and would also help WWE's disastrous Tag Team Division.

Tyler Black

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    I never thought Black would leave Ring of Honor; I always thought he was The Undertaker or AJ Styles of the company.

    You get me?

    Black is a brilliant in-ring competitor and proved that in Ring of Honor.

    Will Black make it as big as former Indy Stars CM Punk and AJ Styles, or will he become the next Desmond Wolfe or Joey Mercury?

    Black will probably be a member of the NXT Season 4 roster (if the show is not pulled off air by then).

    Black is only 25 years of age and so far he is very talented. We have about another 20 years to see Tyler Black grow as he has already in such short time.

    Black has already debuted in FCW under the odd ring name of Seth Rollins?

    Seth Rollins? Weird! Tyler Black sounds better to me. Or even his real name, Colby Lopez.


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