Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Texas Longhorns: Hangovers Expected for Monday

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent IOctober 15, 2010

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Friday, I think that I will attend the breakfast with one of the Husker coaches.  This takes place every week there is a Husker football game.  A downtown Omaha hotel is the host and they do a good job of it, there is no question in my mind that the best way to start the football weekend is talking about Husker football. 

Interestingly enough, I saw Bo Pelini and Dr. Tom Osborne the other day.  I spotted them at different locations and not at an official appearance.  A picture was in order, but I thought better of it and continued on with my business.  Anyway, every time I see Tom out and about I always have the same thought, “He’s taller than I imagined.”

With Bo, “With that look in his eye, I am happy that he is on our side!”

Nebraska is a place that the local, national and international celebrities can go about their business and not worry too much about the public.  We know that their private time is theirs and we give them their space, we still have that kind of respect for others.

Let’s talk FOOTBALL!

After reviewing the Texas-Oklahoma game I have a greater appreciation for the quarterback for Texas, Gilbert.  I am impressed with his poise during pass plays where he continuously looks down the field for a receiver.  He also knows when to leave the pocket sensing that the defense is too close. 

But I take back anything I said about how good the rest of Texas’ offensive resources were.  Gilbert is potentially an excellent quarterback, I say potentially because the rest of the players on offense are not playing to their potential.  The good players for Texas just don’t appear to be on the field.  Could the good players be headed to SMU, TCU, and Houston?

The only reason this game was close was because of Oklahoma's mistakes at the end of the game—mistakes I don't see happening this Saturday.  Bo will make sure of it.

DJ Monroe is fast but small.  He scored on a long run and was uncatchable in the open field. I doubt he will ever see daylight in Nebraska.  That was about it for the Longhorns offense until two minutes left in the game, when Williams caught a bomb for 50 yards.

Acho (sounds like Nacho) at linebacker is the center point of the defense and the only bright spot that I see.  The Longhorns are usually a good unit, but this year they don’t seem to have put all the right pieces together.

Texas likes the yellow rose, and the yellow flag.  They will provide you with some yards by way of penalty at the best time and place.

Oklahoma used an upbeat tempo to confuse the Texas defense.  With their line, they were able to push Texas around early and often.  I was surprised to see how easily Oklahoma was able to push Texas when and where they wanted to go.  The quick-hit offense works best against Texas. The Longhorns would overpursue and the running backs would break free into the second level all day.

Nebraska should dominate this game from start to finish and the party will last well into Sunday.  I say this because I really didn’t see anything special on the Longhorns team.  Do they know that they are headed into the Big 12 North’s buzz saw?  This is going to be fun!

I have my aspirin ready in anticipation of Monday morning hangovers at the office. Somebody needs to bring the coffee!