Time To Play The Nexus: A Potential Angle For WWE In The Upcoming Weeks

Dan KendallContributor IIIOctober 13, 2010

"The true Survivor"

Wassup all Bleachers! Dan's back for another article.

This is literally spontaneous, this came into my head and I thought, woah! How awesome could this be!

Anyway, I'll let you in on what could be a potentially great angle for WWE to take in the upcoming weeks.

Following Monday's pretty decent Raw episode we now know six of the seven superstars for Team Raw in the 14 man Tag Team Match at Bragging Rights. With one more mystery man to be revealed all heads are turned towards the currently inactive Triple H who has to be nailed on favourite to be the seventh man, possibly named next week on Raw or even on the night of Bragging Rights.

Many think Triple H will or at least should turn heel on his return and there would be no better time than to do this at either Bragging Rights or Survivor Series.

Triple H can be announced as the seventh member of Team Raw and help his side to victory - and it would be interesting to see how he and Sheamus would conflict during the match. Then at Survivor Series he and Sheamus have a grudge match with Triple H winning the match and putting the feud to bed.

Whatever the outcome at Bragging Rights I expect Triple H to return, as a face, and help Team Raw to victory. Perhaps getting one back at Sheamus in the process.

But, after Bragging Rights Smackdown aren't done with Raw and want a rematch at Survivor Series, elimination style. But, Nexus interrupt a confrontation between the two brands and announce that they want in the match too - they now have eight members = Wade Barrett, John Cena, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris (after they win their tag match next week on Raw) and a returned Skip Sheffield.

So for Survivor Series, the main event is announced as a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Match between Raw, Smackdown and The Nexus. Although only seven members of The Nexus compete as Wade Barrett faces Randy Orton for the WWE Title.

Okay, so the match is coming to a climax, two superstars are left for Raw, let's say Triple H and John Morrison. One superstar for Smackdown (maybe Big Show) and one for The Nexus - John Cena. Triple H needs a tag and reaches out for John Morrison and Morrison tags in but before Triple H exits the ring he Pedigrees Morrison while Big Show covers Jo Mo to eliminate him.

HHH then tears off his Raw shirt to reveal a Smackdown shirt underneath and he betrays Raw just like Big Show did last year. Cena looks on bemused as HHH goes to high five Big Show but instead kicks him in the stomach and drops him with a Pedigree.

Triple H then tears off the Smackdown blue to reveal the "N" shirt underneath, Cena covers Big Show gets rid of him and The Nexus win - the rest of Nexus come down to the ring and celebrate to close the PPV.

Triple H is now a member of The Nexus but before you say there's now nine members... that would never happen... there's been a bit of friction from watching some of the backstage talk of late on Raw as David Otunga seems to be running his mouth and it's pissing Barrett off. So, before Survivor Series or even at Survivor Series - Cena, like he did to Tarver, beats the shit out of Otunga and he's out of Nexus, so in fact only six members of The Nexus go into the match.

If Triple H came in and Otunga went out then that keeps The Nexus at eight members which was their original starting block when they first formed.

I know this angle may sound a bit far-fetched and it may not all be perfectly clear so basically at Survivor Series - Triple H turns heel and joins The Nexus. Nexus are now hugely powerful and have that extra man to run riot all over the WWE.

By the way, I don't know any spoilers and I don't have any contacts with insiders to the WWE so if this does happen then I'm a just a pure genius and Creative should sign me up right away (winky face).

Like I said, it's an idea that just popped into my head as I was browsing Bleacher Report and I thought hey why not write an article about it.

Let me know what you guys think!