Oscar De La Hoya Hides Behind Golden Boy To Dodge Opponents

Jason CottierAnalyst IAugust 19, 2008

Oscar De La Hoya is known for ducking tough opponents.  He truly has come a long way from being a promising young fighter, to the washed up, wanna-be hero he is today.

Oscar has taken some big fights in his day, and come up short on them. 

He has recently said he wants to go out with a bang from his boxing career...Which made me think he was going to do what it takes to make this ducking and running reputation he has go away.

He talked of fighting Miguel Cotto, but Cotto was beaten by Margarito.  Even though Oscar is fluent in Spanish, he can't seem to be able to say Margarito.  Then he turned his sights on Manny Pacquiao...or so it seemed. 

Oscar bulled Pacquiao around trying to make him accept an unusually small purse for the man who is thought of by many as the number one pound for pound fighter in the world.  Does Oscar really want his purse to be that much larger than Manny's?

Is Oscar hurting for money? Is that why he does it?  No, Oscar's own Golden Boy promotions surely would have handled the promoting of the fight.  So Oscar stood to not only make his fight purse, but whatever the promotion would bring in for the fight.

Maybe it was that Oscar knew his name was thrown in against Manny, and he knows Manny would destroy him.  So he throws a number at him that he knows is insanely low for the more popular fighter to take.

I bet Oscar was really sweating when Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer offered to forgo his fee for the fight, but Manny isn't about to let that happen.  Manny wouldn't take a fight that he had nothing to gain, except for 14 pounds.

So now Oscar is left to find a fighter that has maybe just recently earned a title.  Maybe he shouldn't have a lot of knockout power.  Maybe a fighter that he knows can maybe make him work, and win a hard fought battle it would seem.

So instead of Oscar finding a fighter that is actually favored to beat him, or at least make the odds a little closer, Oscar goes after Sergio "the Latin Snake" Mora.

Mora is not known for Power, in fact he only has five knockouts.    Mora is actually better known for giving less than stellar performances.  Maybe with Oscar knowing that Mora has a fight coming up with Vernon Forrest, he is hoping that Mora will give one of those performances that he is known for.

Maybe Oscar is hoping that he can somehow duck a fighter that is known for being a lesser fighter.  Maybe he can find a guy that has no knockouts to go out in a "blaze of Glory".

The only thing worse for Oscar than those fruity panty bra ensamble pictures he has on the internet would probably be the way he conducts business.  Golden Boy is supposed to be a boxing promotion that looks out for the fighters.

I think we can all say now that is about as true as Oscar being the best pound for pound boxer in the world.