Is Buffalo Really A Cursed Sports Town

Mike BurnsContributor IOctober 12, 2010

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The city of Buffalo, New york has had a long standing history of being also ran's in the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association as well as many other leagues.  While much of the lack of success could be looked upon by looking at the owners of these franchises, but history could also point towards the city as well.

In 1901 the city of Buffalo was awarded a franchise in the new American League named the Buffalo Bison's, this franchise never played a game in Buffalo before owners moved them to Boston and became the Red Sox.  They have been a minor league team ever since.

In 1970 Buffalo was awarded a National Basketball Association franchise named the Braves.  By 1973-74 they were playing to sold out crowds and made the playoffs for the first time led by Bob McAdoo, Randy Smith, and Adrian Dantley.  Owner Paul Snyder sold part of the team to John Y Brown starting in 1976 and by 1977 the remaining intrest of the team was sold to Brown.  Irv Levin the owner of the Boston Celtics wanted to move the team to California and the league could not have the Celtics leave Boston so then lawyer David Stern worked out a deal that had the Braves trade all of their best players away in order to get attendance low enough to be able to break the lease with the city and then Brown and Levin traded franchises.  The Celtics were now owned by Brown who took the 4th overall draft pick from the Braves in the trade and selected Larry Bird while Levin moved to San Diego and now currently the Los Angeles Clippers.

From 1946 to 1949 the Buffalo Bills were one of the most successful teams in the All American Football Conference but when the AAFL merged with the NFL they were denied admittance due to George Halas dislike for Buffalo, despite the fact that the Bills out drew every NFL team the previous 3 seasons.

The Buffalo All-Americans had success during its first couple of APFA seasons, posting a 9-1-1 regular season record in 1920 where they became the first professional NFL team to win by margins of 20 or more points in each of its first four games, an asterisked record which was not tied until the 2007 New England Patriots equaled that feat. The All-Americans lost the championship to Chicago due to a tie breaker coin toss in which only the league commissioner and George Halas owner of Chicago was present.

Needless to say 4 consecutive Super Bowl losses and 2 failed attempts in the Stanley Cup finals do not help the history of this cursed city, the legends of wide right and no goal live on in our current memory.