Hate It Or Love It: TNA's Bound For Glory

Evan TanguyContributor IJanuary 23, 2017

Hate It: The weird 4 way tag match for the Women's championship
TNA seems to be the only one to do these style of matches. I straight up don't like them for any reason. Especially when the more entertaining and effective solution is a fatal four-way match. I think they hope to add creativity by doing this but to me it's just confusing.

Love It: Jeff Jarrett walking out on Samoa Joe Proving Nash and Sting to be right
A lot of people doubted the whole Sting and Big Sexy storyline and by no means did i know the ex Wolfpack members knew who they were, but I knew they weren't on a wild goose chase. If Nash doesn't retire, this sets up a great storyline for Sting and Nash to partake in. Though I didn't like how Joe still tried to fight Nash, Sting, and Pope. I know that's Joe's character but he was just walked out on by the reason he was even in this match.

Hate It: The Handling of the X Division Title
There was no real build up and I wasn't happy with the outcome of the match. I love Jay Lethal and over the past couple months I have really begun to like Douglas Williams which set up a great match on paper. Douglas lost his belt to Lethal after not defending it forever and then a month later with no buildup he cashes in his rematch clause at Bound For Glory. Now as talented as Lethal is, Williams is one of the best pure wrestlers around and although I like going forward with Jay Lethal, Williams is too talented to not be involved with some championship.

Love It: Eric Young
He has become TNA's Santino Marella and so far his gimmick has been hilarious. Maybe a little bit of a waste at Bound For Glory, but he has made Orlando Jordan relevant again and he helped put on a great tag team match. This joke of a tag match is better then anything the WWE puts out as tag material.

Hate It: Abyss Losing straight up to Rob Van Dam in a Monsters Ball match
Granted, if Abyss wins this match, he probably would of dismantled The Whole F'n Show. But why not have it so Abyss wins proving that he and they are as strong as we think. Because as I have red all over B/R how does it make sense Abyss coming out healthy as could be at the end of Bound For Glory after internal bleeding from his match. Abyss looks indestructible when they want him to and he can take on hordes of guys. But the minute he gets into a one on one match he has been losing all of them.

Love It: The TNA Tag Team Championship Division
Four words for you... Motor City Machine Guns
what more can you say? There match with Generation Me was just out of this world Spectacular. I'm looking forward to their match with Team 3D.

Hate It: EV2 surviving after being on life support
EV2 was all but finished after they took brutal beat-down week after week at the hands of Fortune. I didn't write a prediction article but I definitely had Fortune beating EV2 at it's own game, finally ending for the most part what has been a horrible experiment with EV2. But now after the awesome bloody mess left at the lethal lockdown, EV2 came out victorious and now you have to wonder how long they are going to stick around.

Love It: Jeff Hardy's Heel Turn
First off... They doesn't look all that powerful other then the power that Hulk and Bischoff have. I mean they have Jarrett, Hardy, and Abyss and two old timers. A team of Van Dam, Mr. Anderson, and Angle would own them in the ring. Not to mention can't Dixie just overrule Bischoff and the Hulkster? But this nicely sets up what could be TNA's version of Vince McMahon vs Linda. Now onto the Heel turn... I have red a lot of the articles some saying this is a mess of a storyline or some saying they saw this coming. I don't doubt predicting the overall storyline but NOBODY and i mean Nobody saw Hardy's heel turn coming. and I absolutely Loved it. The Two crutches busted over the bodies of his opponents and then the Belt to the face of Rob Van Dam. This is why Bound For Glory is great!