Utah Utes Flying Under the Radar; How Is a Top 10 Not Getting Any Love?

Christopher NicholasContributor IIIOctober 14, 2010

Each year, since 2004, there has been the BCS Buster Buzz spreading from East to West. It started with the University of Utah being invited to the Fiesta Bowl and since then has grown. IN 2007 it was Boise State, 2008 it was Utah again and in 2009 it was Boise State and TCU. PRobably the msot impressive win was 2008 Utah Utes beating the SEC runner up, the Alabama Crimson Tide, in Bama's own back yard. All the buzz this year is going to number 3 Boise State and number 4 TCU. Both played in last years Fiesta Bowl. Respectively they deserve the buzz because no nonAQ team has started with a higher preseason rating and BCS rating which will be released this weekend. (Some say BSU will be number 1 in that poll) 

The Utah Utes are 11 in the AP poll as of this week. Last week they were number 10. LSU and USC(University of Southern Carolina) jumped them after wins against Florida and Alabama. USC jumped 9 spots and deservedly so, since they beat the number 1 team in America and while Bama still has a chance at a National Title. While LSU seems to be having the reverse of Murphys Law. Anything that could go right does as the Tigers are now number 10. The Tigers have beaten three ranked opponents although two of them are now 22, and 25 in the AP Poll. Four of their six wins are within 7 points or less. Not the greatest stat and something tells me that Les Miles clock management issues will come back to bite him in the ass. But hey thats just me. 

It seems to me that no one is paying attention to the Utes because of the unranked preseason start and mostly moving up because of the teams ahead of them losing. But the Utes will have the chance to possibly be ranked in the top 5 before the final weekend of the season. In a three game stretch they play a very good Air Force team that is currently 23 and should be higher with its only loss to Oklahoma by three points, at Notre Dame, and against TCU. With those three wins the Utes can easily jump BSU as they played their only two difficult games of the year. 

Dont be surprised if the Utes make another BCS bowl this year.