Bound For Glory: 10 -10 -10 Shakes Up TNA For Better Or Worse?

Len TaylorContributor IOctober 12, 2010

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I'm back. I apologize for the two week break. I did manage to follow the build up to Bound For Glory. TNA did a solid job with two exceptions. First, Ink. Inc. vs. Eric Young and Orlando Jordan is not a Pay Per View caliber match. Second, there was absolutely no build-up for the Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams' X - division title match..

The Motor City Machine Guns victory over Generation Me builds on their stature as the best team in the world. This was a competitive match and a good kickoff.

Tara's victory in the fatal four way for the Knockouts title did several good things for the division. The title is around the waist of one of the best of all-time, and sets up a feud with the incoming Mickie James! Those matches could be show stealers. Velvet Sky elevated her game as a finalist in the match and should be a future champ. As former champs, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne are both capable of recapturing the belt at anytime! The ladies of TNA are a shining strength right now.

As I stated, Ink Inc. vs. Orlando Jordan and Eric Young was not worthy of a spot on the biggest card of the year. Ink inc. is a team on the rise and deserve more than being involved in a comedy routine.

Jay Lethal continued his rise by successfully defending his title against the technically sound Douglas Williams with absolutely no build for the match. The post match attack by The Shore is designed to draw more mainstream attention. I understand that but as a wrestling fan I'd much rather have seen Williams in the Lethal Lockdown instead of Matt Morgan and Amazing Red face Jay Lethal for the X - Division title.

Rob Van Dam's return and victory over Abyss in the Monster's Ball Match was, in a word, extreme! The use of "Janice" was effective and the win puts Rob Van Dam back in line to regain the title he never lost.

Sting, Pope D'Angelo Dinero, and Kevin Nash's victory over Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett proved the Sting camp correct, foreshadowing things to come later in the show and sent Nash into retirement with a win. Jarrett's abandoning Joe sets up a feud between them that should be intriguing.

Team 3D's retirement announcement came as little surprise to me. They are the greatest team of all-time and have nothing left to prove. Their challenge to the Motor City Machine Guns will either notch Sabin and Shelley's guns for retiring Team 3D or Team 3D will go out the way they deserve too. On top.

The EV 2 victory over Fortune was all I expected it to be. Lethal Lockdown was violence defined with several OMG moments during the match. Tommy Dreamer gained revenge by pinning A.J. Styles and sent Rhino into retirement as a winner in the process.

Jeff Hardy's heel turn was done, in my opinion, in case his legal issues go south. TNA, unless they know something positive about the case's standing, is taking a huge risk by placing their world title on the talented but legally troubled Hardy. Mr. Anderson will take his face spot as he is going over huge with his on the edge gimmick. Kurt Angle goes into retirement. But for how long? Remember, last year at Bound For Glory? Sting passed the torch to A.J. Styles only to return. Retirements don't stick in wrestling.

"They" were revealed to be Jeff Hardy, Eric Bischoff, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett and Hulk Hogan, who, like him or not, showed a warrior's spirit by being at the show. My fear is that we witnessed the genesis of TNA's version of the NWO. If they are allowed to run roughshod over the company TNA will become WCW version 2.

Dixie needs to do everything in her power to make sure that does NOT happen. If it does, Vince will once again have a monopoly on the business!

Only time will tell.

Until next time, thanks for reading.