Joe Burgett's Wrestling Rant Of The Week: Jeff Hardy, The Shore, WWE, TNA

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 12, 2010

Now, for those of you who do not know, my name is Joe Burgett. Usually, I tend to structure up my articles and make them look, for the most part, good. But, I developed this certain series called Joe Burgett's Wrestling Rant of the Week.

This will be nothing but a rant, with some things backing it up. Many of us have rants on our minds yet talk them out instead of writing them. Not me, I talk and write.

I only do these articles when I feel something is bothering me so much, I just can't take it. And all the topics above make me want to scream at the promotion's creative teams! They made me so freaking furious with these things that I just couldn't take it.

So now, without anymore waiting, I give you The Rant!


TNA's The Shore

Okay, so, we all know of the Jersey Shore on MTV, the single most stupid show on TV today that has viewers, but most are teenagers with no time on their hands or others who feel it's so stupid that it's sort of a guilty pleasure.

Now, I have no issue with MTV putting crap on TV, heck, I don't watch it anymore, so really, do what you want MTV. However, change your name. You are no longer Music Television, rather, Reality Show Television. "The N" now does all the music videos you used to do. So, I'll watch them or Fuse to get my music. So, freaking change the name!

In any case, I can't help that they have "The Jersey Shore" on the network. But still, as I said, I don't watch it so, I couldn't give a rip, I just say how stupid it is, and move on.

But now, TNA Wrestling has brought in a group called The Shore. Which is a rip off of the Jersey Shore and nothing more. I had Snooki and "The Situation" anyway, and so does pretty much everyone in the iMPACT Zone.

So, why give us a stupid group?

It's like what the WWE did with Mike Adamle. They kept him around because he was getting heat, but they quickly realized people were not sticking around because they hated seeing Adamle on TV. So, WWE finally took the guy off TV.

Now, unlike many I had no issue with Adamle. But a ton of others did, so, oh well.

But, the WWE realized he wasn't helping, so, they took him off TV.

Now, Adamle didn't have a hate fan base coming in. He just had an American Gladiator stint and NFL career, so, really, he was okay coming in. The Shore is not.

They already have people, especially people who are in the wrestling scene, who hate the Jersey Shore. So, they will get a ton of heat, but like Adamle, not good heat. People will tune out!

Now, I have no issue with the two playing Robbie E. and Cookie. They are both skilled wrestlers and mic workers and I cannot say I despise them from a personal level. In fact, Becky Bayless (Cookie) could be one of the best female talents in the world right now. So, obviously TNA having her is a good thing for them.

But, she needs to use a better gimmick or none at all. She could really help out the Knockout Division, but now she is being put into a crappy gimmick.

The Jersey Shore did have one successful season. Keep that in mind, ONE FREAKING SEASON!

Obviously MTV wants to keep the show going, but I highly doubt it will keep the same numbers or grow. People see the stupidity and are sometimes drawn to it, yes, but people who use their brains properly know it's a dumb show and there is much better on TV at the time.

TNA is trying to work a gimmick that shouldn't EVER be in Pro-Wrestling.

At least with the WWE's Zack Ryder, (who is from Long Island, NY, not New Jersey) they have him just using the standard accent but not going overboard with the character. And it's not a blatant rip off from the Jersey Shore, which incidentally is filming in Miami this season and not NJ. WOW MTV, that makes sense.

Obviously TNA can pretty much rip off the show simply because MTV owns Spike TV, and both are under the Viacom umbrella. But still, this is pure crap on TV. Heck, even the fans were hating on it the first night.

When you get booed from your entrance until you leave, you simply aren't wanted. They didn't even talk yet and fans were booing at the LIVE iMPACT show last Thursday. TNA, take a hint, fans don't want this gimmick in the promotion!



TNA's Jeff Hardy

Now, Jeff Hardy is one heck of a performer out there. I have been a fan for some time and I love what he has been able to do in TNA. He is a terrific face and could be one of the more over guys in wrestling today, But, he has always been a great face for a reason.

Fans love him and always want to be on his side, and always are going to support him. He doesn't have mic skills to get over as a heel, and he never really has been known to have heelish wrestling.

At least with people such as Ken Anderson and Kurt Angle, you could see them with their wrestling alone be able to be a heel.

Hardy's wrestling is all about fighting until the end, never giving up, and doing what you have to. It's that fight to the end that gets fans on his side throughout.

The WWE tried making Jeff a heel a few times, but it bombed horribly because he's just not the type of guy who can be a heel. His brother Matt has been a heel a number of times because he has that ability to be both. Jeff simply does not have that same ability.

Obviously turning him heel was a good idea in that it shocked fans, cause you'd never expect it. But the reason you wouldn't is because Hardy sucks as a heel. He always has and always will.

TNA is completely moronic for turning Hardy. This could have been done with Anderson, Angle, RVD, or just about anyone in the main event scene. Why pick Hardy?

I know about the shock, but the thing is, while it shocked on one night, you still have to make this whole thing go over every week. Therefore turning Hardy was completely stupid.


WWE's Mason Ryan

Now, if there is one talent to keep your eyes peeled for, it's Mason Ryan. The WWE loves this kid from FCW and rightfully so. He was given the FCW Heavyweight Title a little while back and the WWE just simply feels he is the next big thing.

They love Sheamus  as well, and thought the same thing they think about Ryan, with him at the time. And he is now a former two-time WWE Champion.

Ryan has the size, wrestling skill, and mic ability to be a massive name in the WWE. So, make sure to look for him. But the issue is that you'll be confused when you see him.

Ryan has a new haircut and facial hair. And he seems to have gotten a very big tan. By the picture you see to the right, it looks like a younger Batista right?

That is what I have an issue with.

Ok WWE, you liked Batista, we get it.  But, Ryan should be his own man and not a Batista copy. Heck, most fans weren't high on Batista because he didn't have the skills that anyone without a vagina loved.

He was ok on the mic, and only had power, so his actual wresting talent was lacking.

Ryan however is better than Batista ever was in my opinion, and he's only going to get better. By the way, he has a gym looking body. Meaning that he doesn't have veins and what not popping about all over his arms as if he had used steroids, insulin, or other things in the past.

Therefore, he has size and he won't get injured as easy with his arms even at an older age.

Some say he could be doing an angle where he is Batista's younger brother. The thing is, he is a Welsh Professional Wrestler. Meaning he has an English type of accent similar to William Regal.

So, the idea of being related to Batista in any way would be idiotic to say the very least. This guy deserves a new look and to be his own man. Yes he looks a little like Batista without doing the facial hair thing, the spray tan, and the haircut and coloring. But, going overboard to make him look almost like Batista is coming back to the WWE in a younger form is kinda dumb.

He actually has brown hair normally and it's pretty much buzzed, and he has a 5 o'clock shadow if he has a beard at all. So, he normally looks like Batista in just his size.

Ryan is obviously the future of your company WWE, do right with him.

By the way, for those looking to see him, he is on the road working dark matches with the RAW roster. So, seeing him in a few months wouldn't be surprising.

He could move to SmackDown easily as well, so just because he's working with RAW at the present time doesn't mean he will be on RAW. Albert Del Rio worked with both RAW and SmackDown before eventually going to SD!


I know, I know. This article was all over the place and things went nuts in it sometimes. But that is my rant and I'm sticking to it. Do you agree at all? And, if there is something that is ticking you off, let me know, I may hate it as well and have it appear in my next rant.


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