Memories That Last a Lifetime: Why We Love College Football

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Memories That Last a Lifetime:  Why We Love College Football

College football.  It brings friends together and tears families apart.  It brings grown men to tears.  Maybe tears of joy.  Maybe tears of defeat. 

Either way, there will be tears.  It's Ohio State vs. Michigan.  It's Army vs. Navy.  It's weekend tailgating.  It's the Rose Bowl.  The inevitable BCS controversy.  The Heisman trophy.  The freshman phenoms.  The senior breakouts.  It's Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32.  And, of course, it's the Iron Bowl.

Well my friends, it's about that time.  Everyone is undefeated.  This year is every team's year to go to the next level.  The feeling is in the air.  Soon, fans will be cursing Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso for their College Gameday predictions. 

Not to mention, cursing Lou Holtz because, though we can't understand a word he says, it is bound to be wrong.  There are many questions that hang over our heads. 

Will this be the year Auburn ends their offensive woes and makes a BCS splash?  Will Tony Franklin's offense flop against SEC defenses that are undoubtedly faster and more athletic than their Sun Belt counterparts? 

Will Ohio State end their SEC slump and take home the BCS Championship?  Will Nick Saban's "process" start to show results?  Can the highly touted Alabama recruiting class put them over the top, or will Tide fans have to be patient? Who is this year's Kansas?  Can BYU crash the BCS party? 

There are infinite opinions about these questions.  Who are we kidding?  Even the "experts" don't know these answers.  Let's be honest. No matter what your opinion is, you're probably wrong.  So why bother arguing, when what we really should be doing at this point in the season is appreciating.

I pose a challenge.  Let us reflect on why we love this game.  Let this be a place to not be Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, or Georgia fans.  Let's not talk about the Pac-10, SEC, Big 10, etc.  If only for a few minutes, let us be football fans. 

I invite fans of all teams and conferences to give us your best memories of football, and moments that will live forever in your heart.  Allow me to begin.

Now, I haven't been around as long as most.  I wasn't around for Punt Bama Punt or Bo Over the Top, though these games have a special place in my heart.  There are certain games that I feel blessed to have witnessed, though.

2006 Florida @ Auburn:  My brother and I had seats on the 50-yard line.  These were the best seats I had ever had.  When Jerraud Powers and Tristan Davis blocked Eric Wilbur's punt and Tre Smith grabbed it and flipped into the endzone to spark Auburn's comeback over the eventual National Champions, the stadium literally shook.  I had trouble hearing for days!

2006 LSU @ Auburn:  When the clock struck 0:00, and Auburn squeaked by with a victory, so much emotion had been poured into that game that I turned and looked at a complete stranger.  And with tears flowing from both of our eyes, we must have hugged for five minutes.

2007 Chik-Fil-A Bowl - Auburn vs. Clemson:  When Kodi Burns scored that game-winning fourth down touchdown, I caught a glimpse of the future.  All of a sudden, Auburn football was electrifying again.  What a game.  It gives hope.  If we can have an offense like that this year, what a year it will be.

The anticipation is killing me.

Is it opening day yet??????

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