SummerSlams Hell In The Cell Match Mocks Past Cell Matches and Dissapoints

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SummerSlams Hell In The Cell Match Mocks Past Cell Matches and Dissapoints

    Last night at WWE SummerSlam 2008, the highly anticipated main event was the Hell In The Cell match between The Undertaker and Edge. For fans of the classic Cell matches, this match made a mockery of everything that was entertaining about the match. The match was basically a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match except with a cell surrounding the action. At several points during the match, the two superstars did things that have been seen in Mick Foley's previous Cell matches.

    The original plan for this match was to have Foley interfere to some capacity, but earlier in the week, Foley was told that due to changes in the creative plans, he was no longer needed. One has to say that this is because Foley does not plan on renewing his WWE contract which expires September 1st. The word from a close friend of Foley is that Mick plans to join WWE rival TNA sometime next month. This rumor spread quickly throughout the wrestling world. At this time Mick Foley has yet to comment on what his plans are. The thing that seems to be clear is that Mick Foley is done with WWE and fans should not expect to hear anything about him on WWE programming.

Despite Mick's absence, the Hell In A Cell match went on. At one point Edge spears Undertaker through the Cell wall, which leads to the men fighting on the outside by the announcers tables. The biggest disappointment of this match came after Edge spears Undertaker through an announce table. Undertaker and Edge would then begin trading blows, leading to Taker tossing Edge back inside the Cell and Undertaker also went back inside the cell. As soon as Taker began to go back into the cell, you can clearly hear a roar of boo's from the let down fans who wanted to see the two men ascend the cell which no one has seen during a cell match since Triple H and Chris Jericho's cell match at Judgment Day several years ago. Then after the un-entertaining match was over, Taker noticed Edge beginning to move. Then we see the Undertaker choke-slamming Edge off of a ladder at about 5 feel high and somehow managing to crash through the mat. This was obviously an attempt at reliving the infamous backdrop in which Mick Foley broke through the top of the cell and crash through the ring. Only now it was done in the tamest, most un-entertaining way as only the WWE can do.

In my opinion, this match was a lousy way of celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Hell In A Cell match and frankly WWE's creative team should be ashamed of their work.

But I want to know, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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