Peter Bojarinov's View of the Toronto Maple Leafs After Two Games

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IOctober 11, 2010

Dion Phaneuf leads his Maple Leafs into battle each night
Dion Phaneuf leads his Maple Leafs into battle each nightAbelimages/Getty Images

My view on the Toronto Maple Leafs after the first two games of the 2010-11 NHL Season:

1. If Giguere keeps it up, they could actually be fine this season and make the playoffs. 

2. All the lines are doing their job! WOW! From Bozak to Brown, keep it going boys! 

3. Three right shots on the top line, three left shots on the second line, playing well together but easy to defensively adapt, Wilson again bonehead move. 

4. Kaberle shooting a lot? Kessel has a slap shot? Schenn playing alright? Something seems it because of... 

5. Phaneuf. Great captain material, large voice, outspoken, hard shot, physical, good position, but still gets caught flat foot and makes errors, hopefully he can still get better defensively.

6. As I said before the season, one great underrated pick-up and one overrated pick-up as free agents; Armstrong is not good so far and MacArthur is great and after two games its been proven.

7. Komisarek, Phaneuf, Beachemin and even Gunnersson have made a few errors, hopefully they'll keep it to a minimum. Like Schenn and Kaberle have so far.

8. TIM "Cottage Cambridge Ontario Boy" Brent? As long as he keeps working like he has, he might not have a goal a game, but one every fourth is still fine by me from him. Wow!

9. Grabovski is back? Last season was just a rut, he's back and maybe better than the previous year's work ethic and moves. Keep it coming Mikael.

10. Last but never least, Kulemin. Of course my boy is still killing it. Three times versus just Ottawa he's been able to takeout a guy with a hit, corral the puck and make a play. How many Leafs have been able to do that? This guy is amazing!