WWE RAW Report: Team RAW Decided, CM Punk Returns and More

Duane DooganCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

John Cena / The Miz / Wade Barrett Promo
I'm not sure how I feel about John Cena coming out to his own music and the purple and yellow everywhere. Hopefully Wade Barrett will make him switch the purple and yellow for a Nexus t-shirt tonight on soon. After the Miz came out and  asked The Miz to join Team RAW, John Cena cracked jokes just like he was John Cena as normal which didn't seem like he was too upset about being part of Nexus. I like how Alex Riley tries to speak for the Miz and Miz clearly gets annoyed at him sucking up. Wade Barrett told Cena he wasn't allowed to join the team and should focus on helping Wade becoming WWE Champion. The GM chimed in and announced The Miz vs. John Cena with the winner captaining Team RAW at Bragging Rights and a series of matches to determine the RAW participants.

Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth [Winner Becomes Member of Team RAW]
The result was already pretty much given away with DiBiase and Goldust obviously beginning a program so DiBiase wouldn't be able to enter team RAW but the match was a basic opening match on RAW and the crowd popped nice for Goldust's music. He came out and distracted DiBiase who was able to hit the Lie Detector for the win. He and Eve danced afterwards. Yes, they're still dancing in wrestling in 2010. No, I don't know why.

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd [Winner Becomes Member of Team RAW]
Really? No disrespect to Kidd but he's not advancing. If they could have matches with two possible winners for the Team RAW qualifiers it would make for a good show but matches like these aren't going to continue on from the strong show we had last week. These two could have a good match and there were some nice reversals here and the finishing move with Morrison delivering the Spanish Fly but it was expected he'd win and ruined the match, for this viewer anyway.

The Nexus Backstage
I like that David Otunga doesn't know whats going on and him asking Harris and McGillicutty if there are in Nexus. Giving no answer gives WWE more time to decide what to do with them. Harris wrestled on Smackdown house shows over the weekend so maybe they are sending him there. Justin Gabriel versus Randy Orton is announced for later tonight.

Santino Marella vs. Zack Ryder [Winner Becomes Member of Team RAW]
Quick match which Marella won with the Cobra. Zack Ryder who is a great wrestler must hate himself. But why does WWE add Santino Marella to the main event of their pay-per-view? Yes he is a former 2 time Intercontinental Champion but he's currently a very much comedy wrestler. Why would they feel that they need to add comedy to the main event of their pay-per-view. I don't get it, I hope they have an angle where they take the spot away from him.

Randy Orton vs. Justin Gabriel
I had the chance to talk to Paul London before and all he would say was how much he hated that WWE used to make him and his moves weak by having wrestlers under selling it when he hit it on big stars and they'd get up and trash him. Now he's sitting at home watching WWE do everything in their power to make Gabriel's 450 the most devastating move in wrestling today? But having Gabriel being made look strong by WWE made Orton's victory that little bit better and good to send a message to Wade Barrett before their match at Bragging Rights. But are they making Orton the new John Cena style Superman? I think everybody has fallen to the RKO over the last few months and with him already holding the belt it's going to last a long time the way they are booking him. Will they have Triple H be the one to eventually dethrone him? Just a thought.

WWE Studio's release Knucklehead
Expect hundreds of ads for this just as we finally get the end of the Legendary ads!

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus [Winner Becomes Member of Team RAW]

Daniel Bryan got in the early offense and in 3 seconds got in more moves than he did last week. He has a dragon on his tights too - nice. Crowd were hot for Bryan as he's from Aberdeen nearby. But soon enough Sheamus had complete control and took his time just literally throwing Bryan around the ring. Bryan got a quick comeback that again Sheamus gained control and repeated the knees to the back of the head like last week. He waited for Bryan to get up for the Brog Kick but he wasn't moving, Sheamus went to pick him up and turned out he was playing possum and rolls him up but Sheamus kicked out and hit the kick for the pin to qualify. Now that Sheamus is in Team RAW. Don't expect Triple H to return until after Bragging Rights and maybe not even until Survivor Series. I liked the finish to this match, quick pins were exciting.

R-Truth Tells John Cena to Quit
John Cena was backstage and R-Truth stops by and says the locker room don't like the fact that Cena is in Nexus. Which makes sense, Nexus were billed as a threat before Cena so the WWE side of the roster should be worried now they are stronger - arguably unstoppable with John Cena in it. R-Truth put on a serious face and said John Cena should get out of it and quit. I like it, R-Truth remains face as he's defending WWE. John Cena could use this and the hostility from the locker that will no doubt occur over the coming weeks to turn heel. I really hope he does.

Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk [Winner Becomes Member of Team RAW]
CM Punk makes his return to Monday Night RAW. I think it's a good move and hopefully as a heel he can feud with Orton following Bragging Rights but as we said earlier on this site Evan Bourne was scheduled to leave due to injury so again another match with an obvious winner. Punk viciously threw Bourne into the barrier which will explain Bourne's absence and to end the match Bourne went for the Shooting Star but Punk knocked him over and hit the GTS for the win. Post match Punk threw Bourne into the barrier several times again and locked in the Anaconda Vice, nice way to reintroduce the move. Punk could be great on RAW as a heel. He was treated as a fluke when he was last on the show as World Champion and fell into a tag team with Kofi Kingston at the time.

LayCool / Natalya Promo
I lost connection at the start and end of this promo so don't know what happened. Lucky timing I guess.

John Cena vs. The Miz [Winner Becomes Team RAW Captain]
Just as this macth was starting Michael Cole hyped Smackdown moving to SyFy and said we don't want to miss Smackdown this week as it's the return of the Undertaker? Are they serious? We last saw him 8 days ago and now its a return. Alex Riley attacked Cena early on as it's a No DQ match. Why don't No DQ matches turn into glorified handicap matches more often? It makes sense. Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment on the announcers table but The Miz threw him off and Cena actually sold it well but just a few minutes later he was fully healed and in full swing on The Miz hitting the 5-Knuckle Shuffle and again unsuccessfully attempting an Attitude Adjustment that Miz countered and hit his old Mizard of Odd finisher. Riley handed him the briefcase as the crowd booed, the crowd have been slightly cheering The Miz lately and always been on Cena's back at times so this was showing that the crowd are firmly behind The Miz. Husky Harris and Mike McGillicutty jumped Cena and beat him down which allowed The Miz to score the pinfall (long overdue win over Cena following their history). I preferred this to Nexus interfering as I thought any physical altercation between Barrett and Cena would ruin this storyline, although they don't like each other they are meant to still be Nexus together.

Post match Harris and McGillicutty attacked Cena and he fought back until Barrett pulled him off and the GM chimed in and announced Harris & McGillicutty against John Cena & Randy Orton for next week, Barrett said if Cena loses he will add Mike and Husky to the Nexus so he hopes Cena will do the right thing. He teased John Cena attacking him and the crowd popped huge. Man, they are really behind Cena. WWE were patient, 5 years of indifferent crowd reactions and the WWE Universe love him.

Barrett ended the show by turning his back on Cena, saying even with his back turned he can't do anything and he's a disgrace and let down the WWE Universe. Cena left the ring and headed to the back dejected like last week. Cena seems so powerless and its amazing to watch as for years he's been unstoppable. Last week's RAW was amazing, this week wasn't the best but it was a good show. Let's see if they can continue the trend next week.