CM Punk: WWE Should Appreciate What They Have

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2008

I'll admit it. I'm a CM Punk fan. After first getting into wrestling when i was five years old, the first time i ever ordered anything from WWE.Com was to but CM Punk's shirt last year.

CM Punk debuted on ECW in 2006. It seemed as if his career would only go uphill from there, and for the most part, it did. He had an ECW title run on the show, and was successful at winning money in the bank at Wrestlemania XXIV. Then, in the WWE Draft, CM Punk was moved to WWE's "a" show, Raw.

I saw this as a big move for CM Punk, as if a World Title run may be in the near future. I was right to think that. CM Punk would cash in his MITB after Edge had been beaten by Batista, and become World Champion, similar to what Edge did to John Cena at New Year's Revolution a few years back.

Immediately, this is where it all went downhill. CM Punk can't even win a match cleanly in the WWE. As the champion, he has had few wins, and when he does win it is by disqualification or some other sketchy finish. An exception to this would be the pinfall he got over JBL at Summerslam.

I would hate to see CM Punk become the champion that Rey Mysterio was. He loses many matches, and right now i'm under the impression that he has possession of the belt until they can find someone else to put it on, and hopefully it's not Cena, Batista, or JBL for that matter. I think CM Punk is over with most fans, but loss after loss, week after week, and he begins to lose that credibility with the fans. I already see many articles up about Punk being a "transitional champion", and he doesn't deserve this.

WWE doesn't realize what they have in CM Punk. After the Benoit tragedy, this is a company desperately trying to revamp its image. Instead of changing the TV rating to PG, why not put the company on the shoulders of a guy who promotes himself as drug-free? I know many mothers that only let their kids start watching wrestling once they found out Punk was drug-free. If they see CM Punk winning every match like John Cena did when he was champ, then maybe they would want to emulate CM Punk. That's a way to get your image back, families tuning in to see a straight-edge superstar who is a legitimate champion, and not just champ for the time being.

Aside from him being someone who could help WWE with their image issues, CM Punk should get a long title run simply because he deserves it. A match under the WWE(F) banner hasn't been rated five stars since Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker in 1997. In fact, before 2004, no match in the entire country had been rated five stars. This changed after CM Punk fought Samoa Joe in ROH in 2004, and this was just a normal match.

With that in mind, I would say Punk is more than qualified to be a long-term, multiple time champion. Imagine what he could do in say...a Hell in a Cell Match with Shawn Michaels. Unlike many of the superstars in WWE today, CM Punk is a good wrestler. I'll even go as far as to say that the only two better wrestlers in WWE are Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, maybe even Triple H. Right  now, even a rivalry with Chris Jericho would get him extremely over with fans who may still have doubts.

WWE should be really careful with how they choose to utilize CM Punk. Even after an unsuccessful run in TNA back in 2004, i wouldn't be surprised if CM Punk considered an offer if TNA came calling. He would be in TNA's main event picture right away, considering they've made guys like Christian Cage the champion in TNA, and in his tenure with WWE he was never as successful as CM Punk outside the tag-team division.

WWE should utilize CM Punk, and many other superstars for that matter, to their fullest. Although it may be unlikely, if CM Punk ever accepts an offer from TNA once his contract runs out, he may be the guy to bring them to the next level. I am already a TNA fan, but i know that if i wasn't, and CM Punk left for TNA, I would switch to TNA in a heartbeat, and I think other die-hard CM Punk fans would agree.