Texas Rangers Vs. Tampa Bay Rays Game 5 Of The American League Division Series

Tj EptingContributor IOctober 11, 2010

Ron Washington and Joe Maddon Ready for final game of ALDS
Ron Washington and Joe Maddon Ready for final game of ALDSRonald Martinez/Getty Images

After 4 games of playoff baseball the Texas rangers and Tampa Bay Rays find themselves 1 win away from making it to the ALCS.

The only problem is that only one of the two teams can advance. So who will it be?

Game 1 of the ALDS featured 2 of the top pitchers in the league, in David Price and Cliff Lee. Game 5 will feature the same 2 pitchers, with the season on the line. In game 1 of the series David Price found himself in a tough situation and ended up with a 5.40 ERA after game 1.

Cliff Lee had an outstanding performance with 10 strikeouts with a 1.29 ERA.

"This is why we got him, for this type of game" Ron Washington said. "I certainly feel great about what's about to happen when we get to tampa, We could'nt have a better guy on the mound."

"We're in the playoffs," Cliff Lee said. "Its down to one game to decide whether we move on. This is exactly where i would want to be, in a situation like this. It is playoff baseball at its best."

Rays third baseman Evan Longoria even knows how dangerous Cliff Lee can be. He said Cliff would go out there and battle pitch for pitch no matter who is on the mound against him.

The Rays starter David Price, although getting shook up in game one, still has faith that in game 5 he can come through for his team.

"Obviously, i dont want to have to pitch against a guy like Cliff Lee every time," said Price. "But its fun- It is. I need to kind of grasp it and take control of it and give us a chance to win."

Game 5 of the ALDS will prove to be a great matchup. Both Managers will do whatever it takes to win this one game.