When Will CM Punk Be "Over"?

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IAugust 18, 2008

Now if you don't know what "Over" means let me explain. "Over" is a short saying meaning "Winning the crowd over", which means the crowd thinks a star is a believable champion or contender.

In which case I don’t think CM Punk is, even with his clean win over JBL at Summer Slam.

Now that Punk has a clean win over an main-eventer, he should be viewed as a worthy champion, right? I think not.  The only way Punk is ever going to be viewed as a real champion is if he beats either John Cena or Batista (WWE's top stars) cleanly, something WWE most likely is not willing to do.

It is a proven fact that to put an under-carder over, you have to put them over your top star.

For example, before Edge cashed in his "Money in the Bank" and beat John Cena, he was dressing up as Ric Flair running around on the freeway—and now look at him. He is a four-time champion and the fixture of Smackdown for the past two years (HHH or no HHH). 

People find Edge a believable champion because he has beaten John Cena/Batista and many other top stars.

To put somebody over, you have to do it in a grand fashion. It won't hurt Cena or Batista. Hell, you could even put him over Jericho, or even better, Shawn Michaels. Just somebody established with a little more credibility than JBL. It won't hurt them, and you have Punk as a champion that the people can believe in and respect instead of pity.

WWE doesn’t seem to understand that you can have an underdog champion that wins matches without some screwy finish. Yes, it is possible.

CM Punk is still a mid-carder as far as I'm concerned. When he loses the title, he won't be viewed as a threat to the title, and that is the real problem here. Unless WWE does something about Punk, he will eventually lose the title and will never get to be a threat to the next champion because he couldn't beat them even when he was champion, because he always won by DQ or count out.

Punk deserves to be the top guy. He isn't the top guy right now, not even close. That is  a shame and it should not be this way. I'm sure he will continue his feud with JBL until Unforgiven, due to the other top-four Raw stars still busy with other things, and hopefully JBL can find a way to put Punk over—I just think it is going to take something bigger and better.